Who Is Mike Tomlin's Wife? All About The Stylist Kiya Winston

Mike Tomlin, with his wife Kiya Winston and daughter Harley Quinn
Mike Tomlin, with his wife Kiya Winston and daughter Harley Quinn( Source : instagram )

Michael Pettaway Tomlin, known simply as Mike Tomlin, is an American football coach.

He is known for being the head coach of the National Football League team, the Pittsburgh Steelers.

He joined the team in 2007 and since then has led it to over ten playoff runs and seven division titles.

Alongside these achievements, he has also helped the team win three AFC Championship Games, make two Super Bowl appearances, and even a title in Super Bowl XLIII.

By winning the Super Bowl at age 36, Tomlin became the youngest head coach to ever win the Super Bowl.

Sadly, that record has since been beaten by Sean McVay in Super Bowl LVI.

However, Tomlin has another record that hasn't been taken away from him: he has never had a losing record in all of his 15 seasons as a head coach.

This is the longest streak ever in the entirety of National Football League history.

Meet The Stylist Kiya Winston, Mike Tomlin's Wife 

Mike Tomlin is married to his wife, Kiya Winston, and they have been married for over three decades.

The two met while they were students at The College of William & Mary. 

Though Kiya isn't as popular as her husband, she has a solid following all her own.

She is known for being a stylist, and her lifelong love of fashion has amassed her a wonderful career and fan base.

Not only does she have years of experience creating custom clothing, but her experience as a woman of many roles has helped her create designs that work for every woman. 

She has described herself as a passionate individual who loves making versatile, hand-sewn pieces that aim to both fit and flatter women's bodies in whatever way they choose to do so.

Kiya Tomlin with her son Mason at Columbia University
Kiya Tomlin with her son Mason at Columbia University ( Source : instagram )

She is famous for her statement that fashion for real women and real life didn't exist so she simply created it. 

She is known as a fashion designer, entrepreneur, founder, proud wife, and mother, but most importantly, a life-long artist.

Her brand is very popular as well and works to work on real women with real figures.

Authenticity is very important to Tomlin and her style reflects that. 

She has spent her whole life designing easy, fashionable but flattering and functional clothes for women.

Her clothes are meant to be worn for every occasion and not only parties or outings, which has made them very successful.

Stylist Kiya Winston And Mike Tomlin Have Been Married Since 1996

Though not a lot is known about their marriage, Mike Tomlin and Kiya Winston wed in 1996.

Their marriage came at the heels of Tomlin graduating from The College of William & Mary with a degree in Sociology in 1995. 

The same year, he started a career as a Wide Receivers Coach for the VMI.

Mike Tomlin watching a football game with his wife and daughter
Mike Tomlin watching a football game with his wife and daughter ( Source : instagram )

He worked his way up to a Graduate Assistant the next year for Memphis, a wide receivers coach for Arkansas State in 1997, and worked all the way up to the next decade to make it as the Head Coach for Pittsburgh Steelers.

He must have worked for six teams all total in order to make it as a head coach, and traveled all over the country.

His wife and children supported him all along the way and they are currently the picture perfect example of a strong family. 

Mike Tomlin And Kiya Winston Have Three Children

Mike Tomlin and his wife, Kiya Winston have three children together named Michael Dean, Harley Quinn, and Mason.

Michael Dean was born in 2000, Mason was born in 2002, and their daughter Harley Quinn was born in 2006.

The family currently lives in Squirrel Hill, which is in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. 

They are very Christian and regularly attend a Christian and Missionary Alliance Church.

Not much else is known about his family as he keeps a tight lip about his personal life.

However, Tomlin has a rich and vibrant early life.

Born the younger of two sons, Tomlin was born in Hampton, Virginia; his older sibling, Eddie, is three and a half years elder. 

In the 1960s, their dad, Ed Tomlin, played football at Hampton Institute.

Mike Tomlin with his son Mason at Columbia University
Mike Tomlin with his son Mason at Columbia University ( Source : instagram )

The Baltimore Colts selected him in the draft, and he proceeded to play for the Montreal Alouettes in the Canadian Football League.

The older Tomlin passed away at the age of 63 in Ocala, Florida, in January 2012 after what seemed to be a heart attack.

Tomlin, however, had little contact with his biological father and was brought up by Julia and Leslie Copeland, his mother, and stepfather, who had wed when he was six years old.

Tomlin has not talked about his father for much of his life, though it seems for certain that football came to him from his father or at least a part of it.

It seems to be one of those nature versus nurture things, and it seems that in the case of Tomlin, nature won.

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