Michael Myers Challenge On TikTok As Hornets Players Spice It Up

Michael Myers Challenge Went Viral On Tiktok ( Source : Newsweek )

Michael Myers challenge on Tiktok is heating the internet as Hornets players spice it up. What is the viral trend about? Here's what we know.

The short-video-making app has been ruling the digital world and billions of people are on the platform. People come up with new ideas and tricks daily to entertain their viewers.

In the latest scenario, a door-opening challenge on the platform is breaking the web. More than 9 million people have already engaged in this challenge, and more people are on the way to joining the video challenge.

Following the trend, the official social media account of the Hornets posted a video where the players run after each other, trying to copy the viral trend.

Michael Myers Challenge On Tiktok As Hornets Players Spice It Up

Charlotte Hornets, a famous American basketball team, has just made the day of its fans by engaging their player in Michael Myers viral challenge on Tiktok.

Fans are just loving it. The video has been shared by several sports outlets, including the Bleacher Report, Overtime, and so on. The video was filmed in Hornet's locker room.

In the viral video, you can see the Hornet's players running after each other while one tries to unlock the door. The players have just nailed it up.

Michael Myers Challenge Origin

Michael Myers is a famous fictional character from the Halloween series of slasher films. The viral Tiktok challenge was copied from the series.

@brandyenglishphoto Michael Myers Challenge, Part 2. 😂 #michaelmyers #michaelmyerschallenge #halloween #haddonfield #michaelmyershalloween #horror #horrortok #horrormovie ♬ Halloween Theme Song - Ultimate Halloween Bash

The character was first brought to the audience in 1978 and is the primary antagonist in the Halloween film series. The video's music is copied from Halloween Theme Song.

The challenge was introduced on Tiktok by the username @brandyenglishphoto. The original video has now received more than three million views on the platform.

Moreover, the viral Tiktok challenge has already been viewed more than 9.3 million times. Apart from Tiktok, the viral challenge video has been shared on other digital platforms like Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Michael Myers Trend Explained

People are following Michael Myers's trend on Tiktok. What is the trend about? Here is the full story explained.

The trend follows a video where people are testing how fast they can unlock the door if Michael Myers follows them. Meanwhile, one man is following them with a knife in his hand.

If they could not unlock the door, they would get stabbed with a knife. You can also join the viral trend on Tiktok and set up a challenge for your close friends and followers.

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