Michael Gerson Health Condition Explained: Does He Have Parkinsons?

Michael Gerson is battling depression ( Source : Timesunion )

People are worried about the health condition of Michael Gerson as he has been diagnosed with two diseases that have hindered his lifestyle. Michael has served in the government in several important positions.

In this article, let's look into one of the celebrated The Washington Post columnist health condition.

He has been very active in writing and is liked by people for his impressive op-ed in the post. He has a clear inclination toward the left of the political spectrum; however, in his pieces, he tried his best to present ideas in an unbiased manner.

He has always managed to give an insight on several topics concerning the people of the United States. He acts as a veracious source for many people because his content is truthful, and he has worked closely with the government.

Michael Gerson Health Condition And Illness

A significant concern among people has been about Michael's health condition because when he appeared lastly on PBS NewsHour on June 17, 2022, he was trembling throughout the show and was not as exuberant as he used to be.

This is the reason people are worried about his well-being. Many followers who have been following him for a long time are quite familiar that he has been diagnosed with major depressive disorder.

Michael is rumored to be suffering from Parkinson's disease
Michael is rumored to be suffering from Parkinson's disease( Source : Npr )

Besides that, he has also been diagnosed with slow-growing kidney cancer, with which he is continuing to live. Despite battling all these things, he is trying his best to contribute to his country by informing people about various issues.

People are wishing him a speedy recovery from the diseases he is battling. Gerson also worked alongside former president George W. Bush as a chief speech writer.

Does Michael Gerson Have Parkinsons? 

There are rumors about Michael having Parkinson's; however, it has not been verified. The rumors bout this started after he was seen shaking in his recent interview on PBS.

As of now, there has not been any confirmation from him and his close ones about him having this disease. Parkinson's disease is a brain disorder where people have uncontrollable movements.

This disease starts slowly, and the patient's condition worsens gradually to the point that he or she cannot move and talk properly. This disease is very dangerous and can bring a lot of harm to people's daily life.

It is likely that Michael or his close sources will clarify this. People can now check out his latest opinion pieces on The Washington Post official site. 

Michael Gerson Net Worth - How Rich Is He? 

Michael's net worth is estimated to be $2 million per Celebrity How. He garnered wealth from his successful career in media and undertaking various governmental positions in the US.

He has served as a senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations, a Policy Fellow with One Campaign, and other positions. He is an extremely talented individual with an education from Wheaton College.

He initially attended Georgetown University and later moved to Wheaton. He also appears on various television talk shows to give an in-depth analysis of various political activities and changes that is going on in the country.

People also can find him on Facebook under the name Michael J. Gerson with more than 15,000 followers. He often shares his thought, and the latest oped info on his page.

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