Michael Bonacini and his wife Valerie Bonacini got married in 1995. Michael Bonacini celebrated his 27th wedding anniversary this year on August 19. 

Michael and Valerie have a son, Oscar Bonacini who has also evolved into a fantastic chef with expertise in Italian cuisine.

The majority of you may be familiar with Oscar from Master Chef Canada 2021 where he has made an expert appearance. The father and son duo are working together to share their knowledge of southern Italian cuisine with the world.

Michael Bonacini Has Been Married To His Wife Valerie Bonacini Since 1995

Michael Bonacini is married to his wife Valerie Bonacini for twenty seven years now. 

Michael also expressed his feelings for her and how fortunate he is to have her as a life partner. The couple celebrated their 25th marriage anniversary with a stunning throwback photo from their wedding in 2020.

The ceremony was held at Toronto's Canoe Restaurant. He mentioned that it was the first wedding at that restaurant, which now hosts weddings and events for their clients.

Michael Bonacini with his wife, Valerie Bonacini at Emerald Waterways in 2018
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He feels blessed to have met the love of his life and get to spend all these years together. To celebrate the anniversary, husband and wife, along with their son, Oscar Bonacini went to Canoe for dinner.

Many people seemed to recognize Valerie and addressed her as Ms. Pillow, a teacher. She is not active on any social media platforms, making it difficult to gather information about her. Michael's social media posts about his wife give the impression that they are in a very loving relationship.

Michael Bonacini Have A Son With Valerie Bonacini

Michael Bonacini and Valerie Bonacini are blessed with a son, Oscar Bonacini. 

Oscar followed in his father's footsteps and became a chef, hosting a special dining experience at Buffo Calgary in 2019. 

He attended culinary school in Toronto and spend his summer working at a café in Italy.

Oscar was invited to appear as a guest expert on Master Chef Canada to share his expertise in Italian cuisine in 2021. As his son entered the stage that he has been judging for years, Michael shared an emotional moment in front of the camera.

The family was recently on a culinary adventure on a luxurious superyacht cruise. For $8,740, you could join the tour with him and discover more about southern Italian cuisine. 

Michael Bonacini's son, Oscar participated in MasterChef Canada as an expert in Italian Cuisine
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The tour included dinner on board featuring Chef Bonacini's southern Italian-inspired menu, Bonacini's exclusive cocktail party, a visit to a local Masseria, and many more. 

In an interview, Michael stated that he would put Oscar to work this year and spend time on a cruise with his wife.

You can follow Oscar on Instagram, under the handle @obonacini, where he posts about his cuisine and daily activities. 

Michael Bonacini Is A Welsh-Canadian Chef

Michael Bonacini is a Welsh-Canadian chef and the co-founder of Oliver & Bonacini Hospitality. 

Michael love of Italian food was passed down through the generations beginning with his father, who was born and raised in the Emilia-Romagna region of northern Italy. 

In 1985, Bonacini immigrated to Canada after completing his training in London. In 1993, he opened his first restaurant, Jump, with business partner Peter Oliver.

The company, Oliver & Bonacini Hospitality, has grown and now owns a number of venues and properties in and around Toronto, including Canoe in Toronto and Auberge du Pommier in New York.

In 2018, he commemorated the Jump restaurant's 25th anniversary.

Michael Bonacini alongside, Mary Berg at MasterChef Canada
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He has hosted Bonacini's Italy and served as the MasterChef Canada television cooking competition judge. Michael has also appeared on Cook Like A Chef and served as the resident chef for The Marilyn Denis Show.

In addition to the shows, he teaches culinary skills at Burnbrae Farms Culinary Academy. The Burnbrae Culinary Academy is organizing a 10 days affair with daily cooking classes.