Micarah Tewers and her fiance Joe confirmed the engagement news in a YouTube video. Micarah flaunted her engagement ring in a 2021 video in which she created the green dress from Atonement.

Micarah is an American YouTuber with 1.99 million subscribers who recreates iconic costumes from cartoons and the entertainment industry.

On the other hand, her better half Joe frequently appears in her fashion videos wearing a costume that she designed.

Her most recent collaboration was on Halloween 2022, where she created some quick and clever Halloween ideas for the couple.

Micarah Tewers Fiance Joe

Micarah Tewers has hinted in an Instagram post that she is engaged to fiance Joe.

Micarah confirmed the news in a 19 March video titled "Making THAT Green Dress From Atonement."

She was not sporting an engagement ring in the video's initial part, but she made some relationship-related comments.

She uses a mug with the phrase "Does this ring make me look engaged?" when discussing the differences between Americans and Britons.

This can be seen in the video at 4:47. In the upper right corner, Micarah flashes the phrase "I love you Joe" at 8:14.

She is seen wearing an engagement ring in the last three seconds of the video. When she claims to be unable to recall what the major announcement is.

At that point, she blatantly displays the engagement ring. Lastly, she said, "It doesn't RING a bell"!

Micarah' engagement ring can be seen on the picture
Source : instagram

Micarah Tewers Is An American YouTuber

Micarah Tewers is an American YouTuber and a costume sewer. 

Tewers joined YouTube on January 15, 2010, but she started posting videos on April 5, 2017. The majority of her videos focus on sewing, cosplaying, and creating historically accurate clothing for her content.

She also incorporates vlog-style videos of her family, pets, and daily activities. She competed in a recycling design competition in 2018 and won by creating a dress out of recyclable materials.

She has always adored everything about Barbie, so for Christmas 2022, she made a red Barbie dress out of recycled plastic and wore it. 

She even gave her scooter and car a Barbie makeover and asked if she should do her RV or house next.

She should be cast in the Barbie movie right away, or at the very least, be permitted to attend the film's premiere the following year, mentioned all of her fans who have noticed her obsession with the doll.

YouTube fandom suggests that she has always been homeschooled and has not attended college or a university to further her education.

Despite having no formal education, she has made significant progress in her sewing career. She refers to herself as a costume maker rather than a fashion designer, perhaps because she only recreates dresses rather than creating her own line.

She recently recreated the iconic Marilyn Monroe dress and posed similarly. She successfully recreated the iconic dress and even the poses at the request of all her followers.

She also designed several costumes for Halloween, including, Bridgerton, Richard Gele and Julia Roberts from Pretty Women, Buttercup and Wesley from PrincessBride, Cinderella, and many more.