How Old Is Mel Mehrabian From The "Quest" Contestants? Meet The Disney Actress On Instagram

Actress Mel Mehrabian who appears in Disney's fantasy television series 'The Quest', appears to be in her early thirties.

Mel Mehrabian is an actress who is cast in Disney Plus's new reality series. In the series, she plays the witch Tavora, who acts as a roadblock for the contestants, stopping them from achieving their aims. 

The Quest has an exciting and intriguing tale, making it equally fascinating and enjoyable for viewers. 

Eight Paladins, or teens, are abandoned in the imaginary world of Everealm, where they must fulfill an ancient prophecy and preserve the kingdom.

On May 11, the one-of-a-kind series aired and is loved by many fantasy and sci-fi movie/series fans.

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The Quest Contestant Mel Mehrabian Age- How Old Is She?

Mel Mehrabian, a Quest contestant, appears to be in her early thirties. She appears tall and of wonderful physical stature, and her followers like her for her incredible acting skills. 

The actress' birthdate isn't stated. Nonetheless, she appears youthful and active enough to have portrayed the witch in The Quest. 

Surprisingly, the actress has also appeared in films such as Bang Bang Goes the Gun (2018) and Mountain Ave (2020).

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Who Is Mel Mehrabian? Disney Actress Wikipedia Bio

Mel Mehrabian is a singer and model from Iran who presently resides in Los Angeles, California. 

Her father immigrated to America from Iran in pursuit of freedom and a better life. Mel, his gorgeous daughter, was born after he married an American woman.

Furthermore, the actress appeared in several short films over her career. She is presently in the spotlight as a key character in the Disney Plus original reality series The Quest. 

She plays the witch Tavora, whose mission is to stymie the advancement of the eight contestants. 

Does Mel Mehrabian Have A Boyfriend? Meet Her On Instagram

Mel Mehrabian, a Disney actress, is on Instagram @melmehrabianofficial.  

Based on her information, she appears to have been in a long-term relationship with Andy Taylor Kim. He is a television actor who has been in shows including Westworld, Lethal Weapon, and Pure Genius. 

Her Iranian father also relocated from Iran to the United States. She is quite proud of her Iranian background, which she displays by dressing in traditional Iranian attire.

The actress' grandfather was a World War II soldier and a Boeing engineer. Her mother's name is Lorie Privett Biddinger.

Lorie was born in the United States and raised there. Her brother Kamiar Mehrabian pays her frequent visits, and they enjoy precious family time together.

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