Meet Shoelover99 On TikTok Ophelia Nichols Husband Derick Nichols And Family

Ophelia Nichols has been married to Derick Nichols. ( Source : Instagram )

Tiktok influencer Ophelia Nichols' 18-year-old son passed away in a  shooting in Prichard, Alabama. The incident occurred on June 25, 2022, on Saint Stephens Road.

Derick Nichols is the husband of the Tiktok star, also known as Mama Tot, to her fans. He is the stepfather of her four kids. Here is a small detail about the family and the tragic incident.

Prichard TikTok Star Ophelia Nichols Husband Derick Nichols

Tiktok star Ophelia Nichols has been married to Derick Nichols for 16 years. But tragedy struck the Nichols family when their 18-year-old son was killed in a shooting on Saint Stephens Road in Prichard.

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Derick Nichols has been secretive and usually does not post on social media, unlike his wife, who is very active on the internet. By looking at his Facebook, it can be known that he is an avid motorcyclist. Derick has been featured in many of Mama Tot's posts but is yet to post anything himself.

Ophelia and Derick have been married for 16 years.
Ophelia and Derick have been married for 16 years.( Source : Instagram )

Nichols is the stepfather of the four kids of Tiktok star Ophelia Nichols who is on Tiktok with the username, @shoelover99. A whopping 6.8 million people follow her.

Tiktok Star Ophelia Nichols Son Killed In Shooting In Prichard

News has been spreading that Tiktok star Ophelia Nichols was killed in a shooting at around 7:45 pm Friday night at a gas station in Saint Stephens Road in Prichard, Alabama. 

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There is no information about the sad incident, and the police are yet to release an official statement regarding it. The killers are at large, and the authorities are searching for them.

The youngest son of Ophelia Nichols was killed in a shooting in Prichard.
The youngest son of Ophelia Nichols was killed in a shooting in Prichard.( Source : Instagram )

Mama Tot posted a plea on Tiktok asking for help to find out any information leading to the killer. She commented that the police are on the lead to two individuals related to the incident. She wrote that she wants the killers to see her video and know what they have done to her family.

Mama Tot Ophelia Nichols Family And Kids 

Ophelia Nichols, aka Mama Tot, and her husband Derick Nichols are parents to four children. Ophelia has a daughter and three sons from her previous marriage, and Derick is a stepfather to the kids.

But the youngest son Randon Lee was shot dead on Friday night on Saint Stephens Road. The incident occurred around 7:45 pm on June 25, which claimed the teenager's life.

Randon was 18 years old and killed just before his 19th birthday. Police are yet to catch anyone concerning the incident.

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