Little 3-year-old Amy O'Donnells stole everyone's heart on the Voice Generations stage, including judges. The family band rocked the stage with a mind-blowing song by Lady Gaga.

Amy O'Donnells is a tiny 3-Year-old who appeared on the stage of the Voice Generations Australia. The family band is the largest group member that consists of seven members, among which Amy is the youngest. 

Moreover, Amy's family has performed at local festivals and lent their soulful folk and country sound to pop classics like Cyndi Lauper's "Girls Just Want To Have Fun," and Lady Gaga's "The Edge Of Glory." 

If we just said this to you, You may not believe it, but as soon as Amy appeared on stage, the word from the audience was AWW as she became an apple of everyone's eyes. The bubbly looks, chubby cheeks, and cute voice grabbed the judge's attention at first.  

Who Is Amy O'Donnells On The Voice Generations AU 2022?

Amy O'Donnells is the youngest performer of the family band The O’Donnells. Besides, they named the band O'Donnells because it was their surname.

The cute contestant Amy, 3, is the daughter of John, 28, and Brittney O' Donnell. Amy has an elder brother named John, aged 8, standing next to her in the band. Meanwhile, John, 28, Jacqui, 27, and Katelyn, 23, are the children of John Sr, 59, and Wendy, 57. 

The family rocked the stage and put a bluegrass spin on Lady Gaga's hit song 'Edge Of Glory' in the blind audition, The Voice Generations Australia.

Meet Amy O'Donnells Family On Instagram

You can see the images and videos of Amy on the Voice Instagram page. You can look at the contestant videos and photos on this platform. 

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There are lots of other competitors who are excited to perform on the Voice stage this year. The netizens are very eager to know the upcoming episodes.

The Voice: Generations allowed the latest generation of The O’Donnells to make their musical mark on the family history book, including three-year-old Amy. She is considered the youngest performer ever in the Voice history.  

Amy O'Donnells Band Members Age Revealed

Nevertheless, Amy is the grandchild of John Snr, aged 59, and his wife Wendy, 57. 

Talking about her nationality, Amy is Australian, and her ethnicity is white. 

The O’Donnells family band is of three generations with a long lineage of musicianship, including grandparents. John’s parents were both OAM recipients for their contribution to the arts. 

The band loves performing classic pop songs and reimagining them as Bluegrass bangers. 

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