Mayeli Alonso Age, How Old Is Lupillo Rivera's Wife? Details To Know

Mayeli Alonso and Lupillo Rivera.
Mayeli Alonso and Lupillo Rivera.( Source : laopinion )

Lupillo Rivera is a Grammy Award-winning American singer and songwriter.

His real name is Guadalupe Rivera Saavedra, and he was born on January 30, 1972, in Long Beach, California. 

Rivera's album, Tu Esclavo y Amo, won him the Best Banda Album at the 52nd Annual Grammy Awards. As a result, he has amassed a massive following across Latin America and Spanish-speaking regions.

The singer was married to Mayeli Alonso, a social media influencer. However, the marriage ended in divorce after over a decade of togetherness. 

How Old Is Lupillo Rivera's Wife, Mayeli Alonso? 

Mayeli Alonso, Lupillo Rivera's former wife, is currently 37 years old. She was born on December 1, 1984, in Chihuahua, Mexico.

He married the American singer on April 29, 2006, in Garden Grove, California, at 22 and remained with him for 13 years. They are the parents of two children, Lupita Karizma Rivera, and L’Rey Rivera.

Mayeli Alonso and Lupillo Rivera were married for 13 years.
Mayeli Alonso and Lupillo Rivera were married for 13 years. ( Source : mamaslatinas )

The couple first met at Rivera's concert in Alonso's hometown Chihuahua, Mexico, in 2003. They had an instant connection and dated for a couple of years before tying the knot.

She was born to her father, Mario Alonso Ibarra, but her mother's name is not disclosed. Likewise, there is no information about her siblings.

She is a successful businesswoman and an entrepreneur. She and her daughter Lupita founded the Drama Queen makeup company that sells beauty products such as eyeshadows ad lipsticks. She also runs Evolution Fitness, a fitness-related store selling weight loss products, and Drama Queen Make-Up Academy in California.

Also, Alonso is the CEO of the online artificial eyelash retailer Town of Lashes. She also runs a blog called Pink Fashionista and has ventured into other successful projects.

American singer Lupillo Rivera and his former wife Mayeli Alonso have an age gap of 12 years.

Mayeli is the second wife of the Grammy-winning singer. From his first marriage to Maria Gorola in 1987, Lupillo has four daughters, Ayana, Abigail, Angelica, and Areana. 

Mayeli Alonso and Lupillo Rivera are the parents of two children.
Mayeli Alonso and Lupillo Rivera are the parents of two children. ( Source : peopleenespanol )

After his first wife, Maria, divorced, Lupillo married Mayeli in 2006, and the union lasted for 13 years before divorcing in 2019. Following the divorce, Lupillo has already married for the third time, his new wife being an eyebrow specialist and influencer Giselle Soto, who has 333K followers on her Instagram, @gorgizz.

Lupillo's daughters are famous on social media, with hundreds of thousands of followers. The eldest one, Ayana, is a fashion model with over 258K followers on her Instagram, @ayanariveraofficial.

Likewise, his second daughter Abagail Rivera is also a social media celebrity with over 216K followers on her profile @abigaildreamss. Apart from that, she is also a singer and musician.

American singer Lupillo Rivera and his ex-wife Mayeli Alonso are the parents of two children. 

The eldest is a daughter named Lupita Karizma Rivera, born on August 4, 2004. She is an 18-year-old social media influencer with a significant following on Social media.

Lupita Karizma is Lupillo's fifth daughter and the firstborn child with Mayeli Alonso. She has over 217K followers on her Instagram, @karizmarivera. She gained early fame via her parents; for being the daughter of the famous singer Lupillo Rivera and reality tv star Mayeli Alonso.

Lupita Karizma is the couple's daughter.
Lupita Karizma is the couple's daughter. ( Source : instagram )

She also has her line of makeup products, Karizma Beauty. In addition, she has her website,, where she sells personalized beauty products such as lip care, hair products, and eyes makeups.

Apart from that, Lupita is also a singer who has recorded cover versions of famous Latin songs. She is following in her father's footsteps to become a successful singer. 

The couple's youngest child is a son named L'Rey Rivera, born on August 8, 2008. He is the only son of the singer Lupillo Rivera, born after five daughters. He currently lives with his father and stepmother, Giselle Soto. 

Mayeli Alonso Is A Reality TV Star

Social media influencer Mayeli Alonso is also a reality television star. She is a cast of the famous series Rica, Famosa, Latina, which airs on Estrella TV.

Alonso first appeared as a guest in several episodes of the show's second season as a friend of Elisa Beristain. The viewers admired her, which prompted her to be the main cast of the third season.

The couple has an age gap of 13 years
The couple has an age gap of 13 years ( Source : 123hindinews )

She reprised her role in the fourth season of the series before departing following the season's conclusion, not returning to the fifth season.

However, after a five-year hiatus, the show was announced to return for the sixth season, premiering in October 2022. Mayeli, Luzelba Mansour, and Sandra Vidal were announced to return, joined by newcomers Marcela Iglesias, Mariana González, and Kimberly Flores in the cast.

Mayeli Alonso's Net Worth In 2022

Mayeli Alonso is a reality television star with an estimated net worth of $12 million as of 2022.

She is famously known for appearing in the Real Housewives franchise-inspired Spanish-language reality show Rica, Famosa, Latina (Rich, Famous, Latina). The series aired on Estrella TV and was co-created by Lenard Liberman and Joyce Giraud.

Mayeli Alonso is a successful businesswoman.
Mayeli Alonso is a successful businesswoman. ( Source : instagram )

After making guest appearances in the second season, the 37-year-old was a mainstay of the series in its third and fourth seasons. She returned to the show in its sixth season in October 2022.

Moreover, Alonso is a successful social media influencer with over one million followers on her Instagram, @mayelialonsooficial. She makes significant money from endorsement and promotion deals with beauty and makeup products. 

The 37-year-old is a successful entrepreneur and the owner of Evolution Fit, a revolutionary health and beauty brand that is on a mission to help men and women on their journeys to becoming better versions of themselves.

She sells products such as weight loss kits in different flavors, beauty coffees, and health supplements via her website. Due to her vast fanbase, she has sold a respectable amount of products for a significant profit. As a result, she has turned herself into a successful businesswoman.

Lupillo Rivera's Net Worth

Lupillo Rivera is an American singer with an estimated net worth of $13 million as of 2022.

Most of Lupillo's earnings are from his successful career as a singer. He has sold millions of copies of his albums to his loyal fanbase.

The 50-year-old prolific singer has recently released more than 20 studio albums. Most of his albums have collected good sales figures and helped encourage him to make more records.

Lupillo Rivera is a Grammy Award-winning singer.
Lupillo Rivera is a Grammy Award-winning singer. ( Source : instagram )

He has received various Grammy and Latin nominations for his songs and albums. In 2010, his album, Tu Esclavo y Amo, was awarded Best Banda Album at the 52nd Annual Grammy Awards.

Rivera was nominated for three Latin Grammy Awards, two for Best Banda Album for the album Live! en Concierto – Universal Amphitheatre, Con Mis Propias Manos, and another Best Ranchero/Mariachi Album nomination for his El Rey de las Cantinas album.

At the 2008 Grammy Awards, his album Entre Copas y Botellas was nominated for the Best Banda Album Award. In 2009, he was again nominated for the same award for his album El Tiro de Gracia.

Likewise, Lupillo has received three Lo Nuestro Awards and was nominated for more. In 2002, he received the Regional Mexican Male Artist of the Year and Banda Artist of the Year, and his album, Despreciado, was awarded the Regional Mexican Album of the Year.

Also, Rivera was one of the coaches in the first season of the Mexican singing reality show La Voz airing on TV Azteca after Televisa acquired it after seven seasons.

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