Matheus Correia famous as Comedian Selvy is no more with us. The Comedian and actor from Goa lost his life in Goa Medical College and Hospital on July 25, 2022.

He was suffering a critical drop in blood sugar levels and hemoglobin.

Matheus Correia AKA Comedian Selvy Passed Away

We are sad to inform you about the death of Matheus Corries who was renowned as comedian Selvy on the Konkani stage. He never failed to amaze Goans all over the world with his wit and amusing take on challenges we confront. 

Following the news of his death, people are flooding social media with condolence and empathy toward his family and friends.


"Deeply startled and grieved by the loss of one of #Goa's finest talents of the #Konkani stage, Matheus Correia, lovingly known as Comedian Selvy," Goa Forward stated.

Similarly, another user said, "I am really grieved by the tragic and premature death of Matheus Correia. You have always made us laugh and today we are crying for you."

He was hospitalized since July 16 at GMC after he experienced toothache while performing in his tiatr '8Dis' at Pai Tiatrist Hall Margao on Sunday. 


Salvy went to the doctor for a routine check-up, and the doctor told him that his diabetes and hemoglobin levels had decreased significantly, and he was immediately sent to GMC.

Myron, his son, was accompanying him to the hospital. He previously stated, "Dada is improving significantly." His diabetes has returned to normal, but his platelet count must improve.

"He is not in intensive care. He is highly busy and responds to every phone call that comes in." Unfortunately, something went wrong and he is reported to be no more. 

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What Is The Death Cause Of Matheus Correia?

Matheus Correia was hospitalized at Goa Medical College & Hospital since the previous Monday for low blood sugar and hemoglobin levels.

Though his son, Myron reported his health to be improving he could not survive the illness. 

We extend our heartfelt condolences to his family during this difficult time. May his soul rest in peace in heaven.

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Matheus Correia's Wife And Son Are Mourning His Death 

Matheus Correia's wife and son must be devastated by the loss of their loved ones. May God provide them with enough strength to endure the pain of the loss. 

His son was by his side at the time of his death, while we are searching for some more information about his wife.

The comedian lived his life making others laugh at his jokes and humor. He will forever be remembered for that. The time and the day of the funeral will be released by his family soon. 

He has also done several comedy television series. 

The actor had an estimated net worth of $5000 at the time of his death. However, this is just an assumption and his actual worth may be more or less.