Martin Manley Suicide Story On Website Leaves Readers In Shock -Here's What We Know

Martin Manley killed himself in front of police station ( Source : 10Cities10years )

The nine-year-old Martin Manley suicide story left the readers in shock, especially after the statement from the Sports author, 'God should let people die,' came to light.

Manley killed himself by shooting himself in front of a police station. In his final piece, he briefly discusses some of his motivations, but essentially he seems to want to organize everything.

His website is divided into two sections: "Life" and "Death." Martin exposed every aspect of his life, from start to finish, and everything is available for reading if anyone is curious.

Martin Manley Suicide Story On Website Leaves Readers In Shock

Martin Manley's suicide story on the Website, made the readers rethink life and death. Martin was a 60-year-old blogger and former Kansas City Star sportswriter who passed away in August 2013.

In 2012, he stopped contributing to the magazine and started a sports blog. Manley invented and still uses today is a testament to his love of numbers.

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According to a report from in 2013, he created a website where he blogged about his choice to terminate his life.

Martin Died at 60 by suicide
Martin Died at 60 by suicide( Source : Edugic )

On August 15, 2013, Manley committed suicide after publishing one final post. It was his 60th birthday.

Meanwhile, other website areas included pages about his personal interests and profession. Many users described some of the blog's contents as traumatizing.

The rediscovered tale of sportswriter Martin Manley, who started a blog describing his life before submitting his final post on the day of his death, has traumatized some TikTok users.

Martin Manley Death Cause, What's Happened?

The blog clearly mentioned Martin Manley death cause as suicide before he shot himself in front of the police station. 

According to the blog post on, he wrote," The cause of my departure is entirely under my power. You see, I killed myself earlier today. I established a website to address the many questions a person would understandably have. It recently became live."

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Furthermore, he wrote, "There is, in my opinion, no question that you could possibly have that I haven't addressed on that website. I want to give SIR closure with this post."

Martin suicide has reemerged after nine years on Social Media
Martin suicide has reemerged after nine years on Social Media ( Source : Twitter )

Nevertheless, following the publication of a popular video on the TikTok account Reddit Moments, Manley's passing has reappeared on social media.

Netizens believed it to be a user's creepiest item on the internet; the page's creator mentioned Manley.

According to Slate, Manley's blog domain was pre-paid for the following five years; nonetheless, the original website was taken down the day after he passed.

Manley prepared everything, including the emails he planned to send informing his family, friends, and the neighborhood police station.

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