Author Marisa Burke Lived With Her Husband Mark Kandel And Their Two Daughters In PA

Marisa Burke is a former anchor at WNEP-TV.
Marisa Burke is a former anchor at WNEP-TV.( Source : facebook )

Marisa Burke is a former anchor who worked for WNEP-TV. 

WNEP-TV is a television station and an ABC affiliate for Northeastern Pennsylvania, licensed to Scranton, Pennsylvania.

While working at WNEP-TV, she used to work as the main anchor, lead news producer, and managing editor.

Due to her remarkable work, the Pennsylvania Association of Broadcasters awarded Burker the Broadcaster of the Year in 2017.

Who Is Marisa Burke's Husband, Mark Kandel?

Marisa Burke was married to her husband, Mark Kandel. 

She came into the limelight due to the obscene act of her ex-husband Mark Kandel.

Mark came to attention due to the lewd texts that he has sent to underage boys. He was once accused of furnishing alcohol to minors at a party in 2008. At that time, Marisa supported and trusted him.

She believed Mark was innocent as the prosecutors couldn't find anything solid against him. So, it solidified her suspicion that they were going after us.

Mark went to the jail for his lewd texts sent to the teenage boys.
Mark went to the jail for his lewd texts sent to the teenage boys. ( Source : thecinemaholic )

Mark has gained a Doctorate in Learning Disabilities and Special Education. Similarly, he was also working as a Behavior Management Specialist at Northeastern Educational Intermediate Unit. 

He was also on the school board in Scranton, Pennsylvania, in the 1990s.

He came into a target of the FBI in 2008 when he was accused of sending obscene texts to a teenage boy of 17 years. It was found that he had texted teenage boys saying they looked in Calvin Klein underwear. He also suggested that he would take them out shopping to buy underwear and compression shorts.

He was also found to be giving alcohol to minors at a party at his home, and for that, he got a 90-day home confinement sentence and nine months probation.

In 2012, he was confined by Police as his involvement in obscene acts was revelead to the authorities. A 17-year-old boy came out about Mark sending crude texts and asking him to exchange naked photos after he helped him with a college essay.

He was also found to be sending his photo in compression underwear to the boy. On investigation, the police found hundreds of messages on the teenager's phone, which was only from October 12.

On further investigation, police found that Mark had sent about 13,000 messages to the boys who were underage in 2012.

The messages were bizarre, and he usually sent them on the phone or Facebook.

Mark is at the Federal Correctional Institution in Fort Dix, New Jersey.

He was found guilty of his acts. He was sentenced to 14 and a half years in federal prison for his wrongdoings in 2013. In the court proceedings, the teenage boy who was a victim spoke about the incident and how much it affected him that he even tried to kill himself.

Similarly, Mark's daughter spoke in court and expressed how ashamed she was to call him her father. In the court, Mark accepted his doings. Similarly, he expressed how he was guilty due to his actions as he lost his family, children, friend, job, and freedom.

He will be released from prison in the year 2024.

Marisa Burke Shares Two Children With Mark Kandel

Marisa Burke has two children with her ex-husband Mark Kandel.

One of their daughters is Sarah, while another daughter's name has not been revealed. Both daughters used to look up to their dad, Mark, but when his doings came out to the public.

It was devastating to Marisa and her daughters to see the person they value and hold a high status in life see who he was.

She believed in Mark and never saw him involved in any bizarre acts.

Marrisa Burke during book sign event of her book, Just Checking Scores.
Marrisa Burke during book sign event of her book, Just Checking Scores. ( Source : instagram )

But she did notice changes in his behavior, like being more attached to his laptop and his mobile than he used to be before.

Mark used to go to the gym often, and the interaction that he used to have with his daughter was not there anymore.

Their daughter Sarah shared that Mark didn't talk to her and her sister when they would be back home after school as he used to be busy with his phone instead.

Marisa Divorced Mark In 2014

Marisa didn't give much thought to the changes in Mark's behavior. But she came to know about all the wrongdoings of Mark.

The day she found out about Mark's acts, she looked at him and asked if he did all the things, knowing it was against the law. Mark replied yes to the question, and she then came to sense it and left him, saying he is on his own.

She got divorced from Mark in 2014. Similarly, after working for more than three decades, she left working WNEP-TV in 2016. She was affected by her husband's reveal. She talked about it in the memoir, Just Checking Scores: TV Anchor Publicly Shamed by Husband’s Secret Life.

The book got published on December 16, 2021. She shared that she wrote the book so that it could help others. She has shared what she went through to save her career, family, and girls from the aftermath of Mark's ordeal.

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