Mandana Bolourchi is an entrepreneur and social media personality who was seen as a client in the Netflix series, Buying Beverly Hills.

She lived in Los Angeles, but before this, she lived in Dubai. In Dubai, she also had her own real estate business and is also active as an interior designer. She was raised in places like Dubai, Los Angeles, and Europe and had made a lifestyle for herself through hard work.

Mandana is seen as a client who wants to buy a property in the new show, Buying Beverly Hills. She is the client of Melissa Platt. 

Mandana Bolourchi's Family Net Worth In 2022

Mandana Bolourchi's Family net worth is estimated to be in the millions of dollars in 2022.

As she has stated, She is from a Royal family. So, her family seems to be wealthy. Bolourchi's mother's name is Mitra Bolourchi, while her father's name is not disclosed yet.

Mandana has not shared many details about her Mother's and Father's profession and earnings with the public.

Mitra Bolourchi is the mother of Mandana Bolourchi and her family seems to be wealthy.
Source : instagram

She seemed to be close with her mother, Mitra Bolourchi and had wished her Mother's day by dedicating a post to her mother on her Instagram feed. She shared motherhood being the most powerful and passionate experience on her Instagram.

She wished Mother’s Day through her Instagram post to all the moms out there who are sweet, humble, and loving.

Mandana Bolourchi's Net Worth

The net worth of Mandana Bolourchi in 2022 is estimated to be about $5 million.

Mandana Bolourchi's net worth is estimated to be $5 million.
Source : instagram

She has earned millions of dollars as an entrepreneur, influencer, and model. Initially, she didn't think of becoming an entrepreneur. But later, she realized her dream and released her fashion brand.

She is prominent as she is seen attending various fashion shows and events.

Mandana Bolourchi's Career Earnings - How Rich Is She? 

Mandana Bolourchi has earned about $70,000 annually as an interior designer.

She is an influencer and has about 552k followers. So, she also earns through brand endorsements from her Instagram posts. The average earning of an influence is about $120,000 or more in a year. So, she earns well from her career as an influencer.

She also has her own real estate business in Dubai and earns from it.

Mandana Bolourchi earning is in millions in a year.
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She has also seen modeling for various brands; the average earnings for a model in Los Angeles are about $100,000 yearly. 

In an interview with 102.7KIISFM, she shared that she will launch the hair products in the coming January that she has made with her friend.

Similarly, she shared in the interview that she will be seen in a show whose shooting will begin in the coming months. She didn't share much about the show as it is in progress. She has already debuted on screen through her appearance in the Season 1 of Buying Beverly Hills and asked viewers to see it as the show was enjoyable.

She initially was not into interior designing as she was more into music. She was a concert pianist at the age of 11.

She became more diverted into interior design as she had a unique upbringing and a passion for traveling. She began to back elegant and culturally significant decorative pieces in her travels. Due to her new interest, she took on similar large-scale projects and ultimately entered her career as an interior designer.

She wanted to expand her business and growth. So, she relocated from Dubai to Los Angles in 2020. She shared that even though she had a successful real estate business, she felt that she was under the shadow of Men. So, she decided to make her name by coming to Los Angeles and establishing a business named after herself.

Mandana Bolourchi invests in real estate and other businesses.

Who Is Mandana Bolourchi?

Mandana Bolourchi is an entrepreneur, influencer and philanthropist.

She is Persian and was born in Iran on March 30, 1994. Bolourchi grew up in places like Tehran in Iran, Dubai in UAE, and Los Angeles in California. Due to the exposure to the different cultures that she got while growing up, she appreciated the beauty of diversity more.

She had an interest in arts and design from a young age. When she was young, she had a knack for details, due to which she used to sketch out doll outfits, buildings, and landscapes. So, her career of being an interior designer was natural. She later ventured into the real estate business in Dubai but felt like her growth was hindered.

So, she moved to Los Angeles and expanded her wings in various careers. She is set to venture into the Hair-Line products business and release them in January.

Mandana is a Philanthropist, and she became a Philanthropist as her dad was one.

She worked for the welfare of women and children. She helped a woman who was fighting violence and abuse. She is looking forward to working for the Irani woman.

Mandana Bolourchi's Boyfriend

Mandana Bolourchi is dating her boyfriend Patrick Beverley.

Patrick Beverly is a professional basketball player playing for the NBA's Los Angeles Lakers. Before becoming an experienced player, he used to play college basketball for the Arkansas Razorbacks.

Mandana Bolourchi and her boyfriend Patrick celebrating her birthday.
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He used to play for Houston Rockets in 2013 and was traded to the Los Angeles Clippers in 2017. Before being traded to the lakers in August, he was traded to Utah Jazz. He is a three-time NBA All-Defensive Team member.

She is known for his intense style of play, due to which he gets involved in on-court incidents. Mandana and Patrick seem to be dating for a while but are private about their relationship.

The couples are seen attending events or going on vacation together.

People don't know that Manana is the mother to her two children. During the interview with 102.7KIISFM, she said that many people didn't know she had children of her own.

She has a daughter and son and is seen sharing some pictures of them on her Instagram. Her children are from her prior relationship, and she loves her children a lot.