A British politician Lisa Nandy enjoys her millions of net worth with a lavish lifestyle. 

Lisa is well-known for being a member of the Labour Party and serving Wigan as a Member of the Parliament for over a decade. Being a veteran politician, she has worked on the bench in several roles, with the public loving her work. 

In early 2022, she became a part of a massive controversy after accusing a Tory MP, Bob Seely, of corruption. However, he denied the claim and furiously asked her to return back the statement. 

Soon after, she again fell into a scandal after commenting on Boris Johnson and claiming that the PM's behavior mattered to the public. What's more, coming into the people's attention time and again, her followers have shown interest in her lifestyle. 

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Check Out Lisa Nandy Net Worth- Is She A Millionaire?

Lisa Nandy estimated net worth in 2022 is over $3 million. She is a politician with more than decades of experience as Wigan MP and a Shadow Secretary. 

Besides, Lisa is also a co-founder of an independent, non-partisan organization, the Centre for Towns, based on research and analysis. In 2017, she got listed in the "Top 10" expenses list appearance as MP at Westminster. 

At that time, she was known for having the second-highest bill for the taxpayer after Jamie Reed, whose expenses were £243,279. However, the Labour politician defended by mentioning the unexpected circumstances increased the overall bill expenses. 

With all the time in the political world, Nandy has earned a fortune earning herself a name in public. In 2022, she got assumed to have expenses of over £ 50,000.  

She got selected from the all-women shortlist for the Wigan constituency as the Labour parliamentary candidate in February 2010 & became the constituent first female Member of the Parliament after around three months. 

How Rich Is The Shadow Secretary Lisa Nandy? Her Wealth

Lisa Nandy is notable for being one of the wealthy Shadow Secretary who lives a lavish life with her family. She currently resides in Wigon with her son, having a decent lifestyle. 

Being involved in politics for more than a decade, she must have made a fortune. What's more, Nandy is a Shadow Secretary of State for Levelling Up, Housing, and Communities, with a role in scrutinizing the leveling up policy.

Additionally, she recently visited Halifax for a project building 106 affordable homes. The politician has joined her hands with Beech Hill Development with a £16.5 million project. 


It remains no doubt that over the years, her wealth has increased, and so does her popularity among the people. As a Labour political party member, she was once known for having the second-highest expenses, but soon she declined the claim. 

Nevertheless, in all these years, she has not only had decent earnings but also actively worked for the community. She mentioned the housing crisis for most families, quickly gaining the public's attention. 

Lisa Nandy Salary And Her Husband's Earnings Are Enough For The Family Needs

Lisa Nandy currently lives with her partner Andy Collis, a notable public relations consultant. The couple shares a son, who is around seven years of age. 

As of 2022, Lisa's expected salary is roughly £84,444. As for her husband, Andy, the average estimated salary for a public relations consultant is £34,036. 

She is a veteran politician who has several experiences in the field, serving in the different bench roles. Her pay rate as Wigan's Labor MP is somewhat similar to the House of Commons with £84,144.

However, as an experienced worker, his earnings might be more than the average pay range. The family lives happily with each other, and the pair's earnings are more than enough for household expenditure.