Who is Leon McCaskre? Maida Vale Yasmin Chkaifi Killer Photos Surface On The Social Media

Leo McCaskre was apparently a man who stabbed Yasmin Chkaifi and in turn, got killed by her husband.

Leo Mccaskre, a 41-year-old, stabbed a harmless woman and murdered her on spot. After the incident, he got run over by the woman's husband and was killed. 

This entire narrative has gotten sympathy from netizens. The only one alive is Yasmin's husband who is likely to get charged. Nonetheless, thousands of people have signed petitions showing their support to the driver.

The world is calling him a brave hero and is expected to escape the murder charges. Here is the recent development in the case.

Murder: Who is Leon McCaskre?

Leon Mccaskre was a murderer who is now all over the internet where netizens are strongly discussing his acts and the fate he got. He was a stalker and was constantly behind Yasmin's back. 

It has been revealed that he was the ex-husband of Yasmin and was in the most abusive form ever. He physically and mentally traumatized her for a very long time.

Everything recorded and his access to her emails and personal data was reported along with physical abuse. When Yasmin was stabbed to death, her husband ran his vehicle over the killer Leon. 

The two deaths in the same area are subjected to multiple investigations with social media and the public buying into the emotional side of the husband and wife. 

Maida Vale Yasmin Chkaifi Stabbing

Yasmin Chkaifi was a 43 year old from Maida Vale. She had been mentally tortured by Leon since early 2020 and was trying everything she could to get away from the mess she was in. 

The killer had her personal data including emails. He even had fitted cameras in her house and recorded her every move. This was getting uglier with each passing day when one fine day she got stabbed to death by Leon.

Her husband, whose identity is yet to be revealed, got on the scene and ran his vehicle over his wife's killer. Now, everyone is waiting to see the development in the case and the power of justice. 

Yasmin Chkaifi Killer Leon McCaskre Photos

Yasmin Chkaifi's killer Leon Mccaskre is all over social media lately. He has been trending as netizens want to know more about this alleged stalker cum murderer. 

Similarly, his photos are circulating on Reddit and Twitter. It is one of the most on-demand pictures after the incident.

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