Laura Prepon plastic surgery 'That 90s Show' speculations among people by simply existing as a celebrity. Laura is suspected of having a nose job and Botox.

As the reboot of her successful sitcom 'That '70s Show' named 'That '90s Show' came out on 19 January 2023, there have been talks about her drastically changed appearance. The audience is also suspecting that she has gotten cheek implants, lip fillers, and made her teeth.

Prepon has not only acted, but she has taken the responsibility of directing the show this time. By essaying the role of Donna Pinciotti, Laura garnered immense fame at a young age.

After that, she played in many other movies and TV shows like 'The Girl on the Train', 'The Hero', 'Orange Is the New Black', and so on.

Plastic surgery Before And After

Laura Prepon nose job has made the bridge of her nose look more streamlined. Laura seems to be aging backward at her forties.

On 23 August 1998, the first episode of 'That '70s Show' was released. It was almost 25 years ago, and Prepon was only 18.

Every aspect of a human being, whether physical appearance or mental state, differs in teenagers and adults. Like anybody else, Laura looks different than her 18-year-old self. 

Her body, face, and hair have undergone several changes. The Sun published an article writing that she looks unrecognizable in February 2022. 

On the Left is Prepon after the surgical procedure, and on the Right is Prepon before the Cosmetic surgery
Source : instagram

Physical Changes Seen in Prepon

Born on 7 March 1980, she is in her early forties. From the age of 25, wrinkles start to appear. Per Byrdie, in the 40s the skin aging becomes more pronounced. 

So, Prepon has fine lines and smile lines on her face, but not as visible as any woman her age. Her shiny and tight face and arched eyebrows make her look younger.

The 43-year-old has a strong jawline, great skin, a thinner nose, and full lips. Before, she used to have chubby cheeks, but that is not the case anymore.

Around 2018, there were rumors that she had got her teeth altered. It appears that her bottom teeth were somewhat crooked when she was younger.

Right now, her teeth look perfectly symmetrical. Moreover, it is even brighter and accentuates her smile.

She may look different, but she is equally gorgeous and stunning today. Seeing the cosmetic surgery trend in Hollywood, it is no surprise that even Laura opted to go under the knife.

In the meantime, the actress is the mother of a daughter Ella and a little son. They are 5 and 3 years old respectively. Motherhood also brought changes to her body.

Body Measurements

Laura Prepon weight loss due to her eating disorder. Laura admitted to using Atkins to appetite suppressant and trying methods under the west coast sun.

The actress would even bring her own restrictive diet food wherever she went. She had one embarrassing moment when she tried having her lunch at a restaurant in Beverly Hills with producers and a waiter told her not to.

Laura body measurements are 37 busts, 25 waist, and 36 hips inches. According to Bodysize, her weight is 64 kg, and she stands at a height of 5 feet and 10 inches. 

Despite keeping the details of her cosmetic procedures undisclosed, Prepon has shared even minute details of her fat loss journey.

Laura looks delightful as she gets captured while cooking one of her nutritious meal
Source : instagram

In 2016 Prepon Co-Wrote 'The Stash Plan' Book

Later, Laura indulged in fitness and observed what she ate, and became the healthiest version of herself. She collaborated with Elizabeth Troy, a nutritionist, and wrote a book named 'The Stash Plan' which was launched worldwide in March 2016.

'The Stash Plan' is a New York Times bestseller that gives an overview of diets that one should follow. It is a wellness cookbook that all health enthusiasts should read.

Prepon writes, “It’s not about solving a problem with a pill. You’re actually nurturing the body with food.” in her book
Source : instagram

Today, her social handles are flooded with videos of her making nutrient-rich and nourishing food. The star of her kitchen is chicken broth cooked every week in her home.

On the other hand, the key ingredients in Prepon's pantry are greens, almond milk, protein powder, yogurt, and fruits. Over the years, she has become a superfood chef. 

She has also incorporated workout and skincare into her regular life. At least 10 minutes of her daily life is dedicated to self-care. 

Being a mother of two young kids and having a flourishing career, she is quite busy. Nonetheless, Laura has maintained her skin and is in good shape.

Unhealthy Measures Adopted by Laura to Slim Down

When she was just stepping into adolescence, she ventured into the entertainment industry. She was first suggested to lose 25 pounds by a casting agency.

As a naive girl, Prepon began looking for unhealthy ways to shed pounds. Meanwhile, her mom Marjorie gave her the worst hack of eating and purging to slim down without gaining many calories.

Consequently, she suffered from bulimia, a life-threatening eating disorder, which lasted for around a decade according to DailyMail. Even while playing on 'That 70's Show', she struggled.

The rising star chose to take the help of hormones for weight reduction. Eventually, she became underweight as she stood at 105 pounds. 

Prepon realized that she needed to change her eating habits and diet plan as she grew up. She documented this disturbing stage of her life in the book 'You & I, as Mothers,'  which came out in 2020.


Laura Prepon natural hair color is red as mentioned by People. Laura Prepon had a blonde and redhead look in That 70s show.

She has rocked various hair colors and hairstyles in her long and illustrious career. In 'That 90s Show', Laura has retained her long red hair, but bangs have been added to fit it into the 90s aesthetics.

Full Hair & Makeup Tutorial of Laura on her YouTube channel ( Source : youtube )

If one goes through her Instagram handle, it can be seen that she pulled off the long 'black' hair look for the longest time. Recently, she has been embracing the thigh-cut hair look. 

With her new hair, she looks smarter and more youthful. For the premiere of her project, Prepon chose bob hair in 'black' color.

She might have taken the help of Botox, fillers, or any surgical procedures, but she seems to be aging like a fine wine.