Landon Eastep was the man who died following an officer-involved gunshot in Nashville. 

Netizens criticize the authorities for their actions as they believe that Landon Estep did not deserve to die just because he was holding a box cutter.

People argue that it is doubtful that nine police officers could not hold back one man with a box cutter and had to shoot him to death. A GoFundMe page has been set up for the victim's wife. 

Who Was Landon Eastep?

Landon Eastep has been identified as the victim who was shot and killed in an officer-involved shooting. He was married and had a wife. 

According to Metro Police Spokesman Don Aaron, he was sitting on the fence at exit 78. He was spotted by a Tennessee Highway Patrol officer who wanted to assist him. The trooper attempted to communicate with Eastep. However, he shoved him away. 

The trooper assumed the issue would be fine until Eastep showed the box cutter, escalating the situation. Meanwhile, a passing Mt. Juliet off-duty officer noticed what was going on and came to aid.

The trooper and off-duty police attempted to de-escalate the situation for 30 minutes, says Don Aaron. But, Eastep had a box cutter in his left hand, and his right hand was in his pocket.

The spokesman stated Landon drew his right hand out of his pocket and had a glittering silver item in his hand. He added that it was an 'abrupt' movement and that police enforcement had no idea what he was up to.

The police spokesman explained, "[He] was kind of pointing something at them, and that was when Aaron claims nine police officers opened fire on Eastep.

Land Eastep Killed In Nashville Shooting

Land Eastep was mercilessly killed in Nashville shooting by the police officers. A bystander captured a video of the incident. The video is shared on Twitter by news site WSMV.

The man can be seen standing motionless in the highway's right lane while almost a dozen Tennessee Highway Patrolmen and Nashville Police officers watch onholding their weapons.

The roadway is completely blocked on both sides. The footage pauses when Eastep lifts his arms towards the cops. The sound of several gunshots can then be heard.

The metro police have informed the public that they will release the body camera footage shortly. The investigation in the incident is going on involving the officers. 

I-65 Incident Involving Land Eastep- What Exactly Happened?

Land Eastep was killed in an I-65 shooting incident. Based on the statement of Don Aaron, he was holding a box cutter in one hand and a supposed suspicious object in a right pocket. 

As soon as he took out the object from his right pocket, officers shot at him in defense, not knowing what the shiny silver thing it was that he drew out. He was taken to the hospital but pronounced dead.