Who Is Kylie Strickland On TikTok? Arrested For Swimming Pool Live Stream Video On Reddit

Kylie Strickland, a webstar ( Source : Times-Herald )

Webstar Kylie Strickland is a famous TikTok star who currently made a headline due to an inappropriate leaked video on Twitter. Reddit and her TikTok followers are trash-talking about her recent leaked video. She exposed herself to minors in the swimming pool during a live stream.

As per News Week, Kylie is a content creator on TikTok. She has racked up over 260k followers on TikTok. However, her account is now set to private. The influencer has become the hot potato after an embarrassing video of her allegedly leaked on social media outlets. 

Moreover, Kylie is under custody with felon charges of electronic pornography and child exploitation.

What did Kylie Strickland do? Let us find out.

Who Is A TikTok Influencer Kylie Strickland?

Georgia native Kylie "Elizabeth" Strickland is a popular TikTok content creator who has amassed more than 260k followers and 7 million likes.

Sources confirmed that her current age is 30 years as of now.

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The influencer Kylie has become the center of controversy and is under arrest now. The Troup County Sheriff’s Office began the investigation following the reported video on TikTok.

They said in the statement that the video that has been making rounds on TikTok and Twitter, "where an adult woman exposed herself to minors in the swimming pool. Others can be heard in the background and seen in the video.”

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Georgia-Based Kylie Strickland Got Arrested With Two felon Charges

TikTok Star Kylie Strickland, aged 30, was arrested for child exploitation and electronic pornographic charges by Troup County cops on June 30, as per CBS 42. 

As per the news, Kylie lifted her top and exposed her breasts to two young boys in a swimming pool circulated online. It happened when she was live streaming from her TikTok account. The ages of the children are currently obscure.

Nevertheless, Kylie is behind the bar right now and handed over to the Pike County Jail. The Pike County Sheriff’s Office confirmed that the video is currently being investigated by its team via social media.

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Reddit Users Reacted To Kylie Strickland Swimming Pool Live Stream Video 

Kylie Strickland's name has appeared on Reddit. One user shared Instagram live streaming video three days ago.

In the video, Kylie was talking about the police and charges. There is a long thread of comments in the video.

One wrote, "She thinks Kylie admitting that the children were also taking tequila shots. The people raising those boys are also a couple of dirtbags. Those boys saying they wanted to see some t****s, and mainly her agreeing makes her feel sick."

Kylie Strickland Mugshot And Jail Sentence

Kylie Strickland's mugshot and jail sentence details are yet unknown. The investigation is still ongoing by Pike police.

Perhaps, the authorities will share the further details online at the right time.

Recently, Kylie's name is everywhere on the internet since her live stream video has gone viral. She showed her private body parts to two minors during her live stream on June 28. The cops haven't disclosed the identities of the two kids yet. 

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