Kronii has teased that her face reveals coming soon on a YouTube video. Kronii has kept her face hidden from the spotlight.

Kronii referred to herself as the Warden of "Time," the third idea the Gods created and the one most closely associated with humanity.

She often streams Minecraft, Speedrunners, Antichamber, The Mortuary Assistant, and many more.

She hides behind the adorable avatar wearing a WhiteandBlue top and a large locket with a blue bow tie. She also wears deep blue bow-shaped earrings with a clock over her head. She carries two swords at all times.

Did Kronii Reveal His Face?

Kronii is an English Virtual YouTuber whose face reveal is currently in demand.

The gaming YouTuber has kept her identity hidden inside her avatar. Though we can hear her voice on the streaming, her physical appearance, particularly her face, has piqued viewers' interest.

She joined YouTube on July 26, 2021, and has received 47,185,509 views since then.

Her popularity is growing with the increased interest in her face reveal. Despite the fact that a large number of online streamers have revealed their faces to the public, we believe she has yet to make a decision.

Kronii avatar in her casual outfit
Source : instagram

She may have wished to reach certain milestones, such as having millions of followers, before revealing her face. She currently has 831K followers. She will undoubtedly reach the milestone within a month if she stated that she will reveal her face once he has passed one million subscribers.

She has a deep voice similar to Mori Calliope's and a broad vocal range. Hopefully, she will reveal her face in the upcoming year.