How Long Have Kevin Bacon And Kyra Sedgwick Been Married? Kevin and his wife have been married since 1988.

Kevin and Kyra met at the Cherry Lane Theatre downtown. Sedgwick was 12 at that time and she went to watch the performance of Bacon.

After roughly a decade, the couple got an opportunity to work together. They filmed Lemon Sky in 1987, forming a romantic connection on the sets.

Bacon and Kyra tied the knot on 4 September 1988. They have performed together in Loverboy, Pyrates, Murder in the First, The Woodsman, and Lemon Sky.

Sedgwick gave birth to her first child Travis with Kevin in 1989. After three years, they welcomed their second child Sosie into this world.

Kevin resides with Kyra, his spouse of 34 years, and his children on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.

Father And Daughter Commercial

Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick daughter Sosie Bacon is an actress since 2005. Sosie along with Kevin recently appeared in a Hyundai IONIQ 6 funny advertisement.

The 2 minutes 10, second long ad begins when Kevin picks Sosie up from home. Sosie gets shocked at her father getting into Electric Vehicle.

Hyundai IONIQ 6 Advertisement Featuring Kevin And Sosie ( Source : youtu )

Sosie gets into the car and jokes that Kevin, her father needs to be tech-savvy. She also makes fun of him saying that the man who gets locked out of his email is going EV.

Kevin makes a funny comment that his name 'Kev' rhymes with 'ev' not knowing the complete form of EV. Following that, Bacon starts showing the features of his newest car to his baby girl.

Bacon flaunts the ambient lights and sound system featured inside the vehicle. The father-daughter duo rocked the ad and their fans are loving it.

Sosie Bacon

Kevin Bacon daughter Sosie Bacon is a producer. She is known for her roles as Skye Miller in 13 Reasons Why and Mandy in As We See It.

Bacon attended Riverdale Country School. After her graduation, she joined Brown University for further studies.

Sosie also learned acting from a musical theatre company named CAP21. Moreover, she became a cast of the musical titled Fiction in Photographs in 2012.

Following the off-Broadway musical, Bacon earned the title of Miss Golden Globe in 2014.

Kevin, Sosie and Kyra Pictured At New York On 5 May 2022
Source : instagram

Sosie was born to Kevin and Kyra as their youngest child on 15 March 1992. She is 31 years old as of 2023.

Bacon was raised in an ordinary upbringing along with her brother. Her parents wanted her to avoid getting involved in acting and made sure of it when she was 13.

However, fate had different plans for Sosie as she landed her first role in the movie that her father directed.

Bacon Acting Debut In 2005

Sosie became the cast of the movie Loverboy in 2005. It was directed by Kevin, and he revealed that he decided as a director and not a father.

Following her debut, her parents did not want her to pursue acting further. James Duff, a prestigious director became a fan of her performance.

Duff asked Sosie's parents to allow her to act in The Closer. Since Sosie accepted the opportunity, Kevin and Kyra did not restrict her from it.

Sosie At The Late Show With Stephen Colbert On 29 September 2022
Source : instagram

Bacon Resumed Her Acting Journey In 2014

Sosie appeared in 4 projects titled Basic Witches, Wishin' and Hopin', Another Life, and Lady Lonely in 2014.

She performed in Ana Maria in Novela Land, Lost Boy, Sky Is Falling, Scream, and Stay in the following year. Bacon also played Carol in Sister Judy and the Delinquents.

In 2017, Sosie got the lead role of Cassie in the independent movie Off Season. The same year, she got the role of Skye Miller in the series 13 Reasons Why.

According to IMDb, Bacon has received 31 credits for acting so far. Her upcoming projects include Cold Storage and Hazard.

Sosie Is In A Relationship With Scoot McNairy

Sosie fell in love with a fellow actor Scoot McNairy. They have been together for some time and debuted on the red carpet as well.

Although Scoot is not active on social media, Sosie makes sure to post romantic pictures with her beau. She captions the images with sweet messages dedicated to her partner.

Sosie Wrapping Arms Around Scoot On 3 March 2022
Source : instagram

On 3 March 2022, Sosie uploaded a picture with Scoot and captioned it: "I ruv u". Some of her fans were shocked that she is in a courtship with her Narcos: Mexico co-star.

Scoot is a reputed actor who was formerly wedded to Whitney Able. He shares two children with his ex-partner while Sosie has not been linked to anyone.

Meet Sosie On Instagram

Bacon is active on Instagram as @sosiebacon and she has amassed 245K followers on it.

She posts pictures of her personal as well as professional activities. On 14 January 2023, she revealed that she was getting a new tattoo via her account.

Sosie keeps on updating about her life activities through her Instagram. She is not active on any other virtual platforms.

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Travis Bacon

Kevin Bacon and son Travis Bacon share a love for music. Travis is a musician, composer, producer, filmmaker, and actor.

Born on 23 June 1989, Travis is aged 34 years old. His birthplace is in Los Angeles but he was raised in Manhattan.

Travis was born as the eldest child to the Hollywood couple, Kevin and Kyra Bacon. He was brought up in a musical household by Bacon Brothers artists Kevin.

Although Travis was a music enthusiast, he did not limit himself to it.

Kevin Posed At His Studio In Los Angeles On 31 December 2022
Source : instagram

Bacon Made An Onscreen Debut In 2005

Travis Performing For Contracult Band At Moroccan Lounge On 8 July 2022
Source : instagram

Travis debuted onscreen along with his sister Sosie from Loverboy in 2005 in which he portrayed the character of Lenny.

After that, he has not been seen in any other acting project. However, he was a composer in Story of A Girl, Girls Weekend, Ghost Woman, and Space Oddity.

Bacon is a part of the Slashtag Cinema and the vocalist of Contracult Collective. He has collaborated with bands including Funeral Leech, BURN, and Vaura.

Besides his incredible music, Travis is known for his bold looks based on a gothic theme.

Travis Is Dating Angelia Sambrotto

Travis And Angelina Striked A Pose At Los Angeles On 4 April 2023
Source : instagram

Bacon is in love with makeup and fx artist Angelina Sambrotto. Travis and Angelina is together for more than 2 years.

The couple started their courtship on 24 August 2020. They have been together through thick and thin and formed a stronger bond.

Angelina is the owner of the cosmetic line named Our Darling. From her Instagram shop, she sells makeup products that are inspired by the Victorian Era.

Sambrotto is also a burlesque performer with a stage name of Battyna Sin. Moreover, she is a cat mom to Pagan, Salem, and Faust.

Bacon Has A Bipolar Disorder

Travis Photoshoot For Auxiliary Magazine On An Article For Our Darling In 2021
Source : instagram

Travis opened up about his bipolar disorder and how he deals with mental illness.

Bipolar disorder or BPD causes swings in a person's mood, energy, and concentration levels making it hard for them to continue day-to-day tasks. 

On 3 August 2022, Travis shared a video of punching a dummy on Instagram. He disclosed that people would resent the ones with BPD because it interferes with their plans.

However, Bacon has found the best way to deal with his rage and mania. He revealed that he practices Muay Thai to calm his mood swings.  

Find Travis On Social Media

Travis goes by the name Svart Sounds, and he has a dedicated Instagram and Soundcloud.

He garners more than 5.3K followers on his Instagram handle. Likewise, his tracks and albums are available on his Soundcloud account.