Kellie Pickler Short Hair Pictures looked gorgeous on her in the 2010s. Kellie Pickler currently has a medium wavy hairstyle.

The singer had a short and saggy hairstyle from her childhood days. In 2017, she shared a throwback picture of her birthday where she rocked her hairdo.

The country music star also spiced up her looks while participating in Dancing With The Stars with hair extensions.

Latest Photos

Kellie Pickler recent pictures have a layered blonde hairstyle. Kellie exited SiriusXM’s The Highway in April 2023.

Kellie joined the position in February 2022. The radio station's page featured Pickler on their social media feed with Storme Warren, Macie Banks, and others in June 2022.

Kellie striking a pose Kelly Clarkson on her show on 2019
Source : instagram

The singer appeared on The Kelly Clarkson Show in December 2019. She wore a sequin sheer bodycon dress while flaunting her long wavy hair.

The country singer has not been much active on her social handles and seems to have taken a break. She last attended WE Fest Country Music Festival at Soo Pass Ranch in August 2021.

Pickler lost her husband songwriter and producer Kyle Jacobs in February. She said those days were some of the hardest of her life.


Kellie Pickler haircuts include 1. Medium Length Layered Bob 2. Sliced Asymmetric Bob and 3. Pixie Cut. Her bald haircut is also on the list.

Kellie had experienced a range of haircuts throughout the years. She chopped off her strands in 2012 and has grown her hair to medium length.

Medium Length Layered Bob

Pickler back in the ballroom performing for Dancing with the Stars Finale
Source : instagram

Kellie rocked her medium-length layers bob hairstyle during the 2009s. The style perfectly matched her oval face shape.

In 2009 she attended the Academy of Country Music Awards at MGM Grand Garden Arena flaunting her hairdo. She wore a gold Zuhair Murad mermaid gown bedazzled in sparkly scales.

Sliced Asymmetric Bob

Kellie flaunting her new cut in 2007
Source : twitter

The classical sliced asymmetric bob perfectly suited Pickler in the year 2014. She rocked her chopped hair on stage performances including Opry.

Around this time Kellie also rose to prominence with the show Dancing with the Stars. She joined Rockin' Refuel as a member.

Her below-the-chin hair length and sweeping bangs complement her oval facial shape well.


Kellie smiling on the set of Dancing with the Stars
Source : pinterest

Kellie debuted her then-new auburn hairstyle at the CMA Awards in Las Vegas. Her look could not last long, and she returned with her signature blonde short hair look.

The musician revealed to People that her hair started falling out. She felt her hair was damaged, so she chopped it off.

It was the time when she had a USO trip to the Middle East. She interacted with Iraq and Kuwait troops.

She uploaded a YouTube video behind the scenes of their new Academy of County Music (ACM) Promo with Jessica Simpson and Julianne Hough.

Layered Razor

Kellie and Derek on the dance floor of Dancing with the Stars in 2013
Source : pinterest

Kellie featured her layered razor cut on Season 16 of Dancing With the Stars alongside Derek Hough. The two were crowned the winner of the season.

Her fashion moment also included some extensions she paired with mateable dresses. Her layers were messy yet defined.


Kellie Pickler hairstyles are short straight, curled bob, Medium Curly Layered, and long wavy light blonde. Since 2016 Pickler has been sticking to her long wavy light blonde hairdo.

Long Wavy Light Blonde

Kellie promoting new Selma Drye by Kellie Pickler holiday collection during Christmas 2017
Source : facebook

Long Wavy Light Blonde is Kellie's current hairstyle. The actress debuted her career in the showbiz industry with this look.

The actress attended the world premiere of Hallmark Channel's original movie Wedding at Graceland in July 2018.

There is a reason why she had to grow her hair, and that is Jacob loved her long hair. She has been sticking to her layered cut for a while now.

Short Straight

The musician speaking at USO in December 2013
Source : facebook

The straight blonde hairdo has been her iconic look of all time. She rocked her shaggy hair sometimes super short and sometimes medium length.

The style was unique at that time when she tapered them making them look like a boy's style. 

Her short hair varied from sliced bob and razor cuts. She had a pixie cut, a bold step toward her personal style.

This easy-to-recreate and equally chic look directed attention to the face.

Medium Curly Layered

Kellie posing at at SiriusXM Studio in August 2016 Credit: J. Kempin/Getty Images
Source : twitter

The actress with this hair attended the 42nd Annual Country Music Association Awards in 2013. She grew out from her bob haircut.

The curls looked gorgeous on her, giving her bounce and style that suited her best. She has a light golden blonde color with light blonde highlights.

Shaved Head

Pickler performing at the 6th Annual ACM Honors held at the Ryman Auditorium
Source : twitter

The country singer shaved her head to support her friend Summer Holt Miller’s breast cancer. As her friend started losing hair after chemotherapy, she decided to comfort her by looking like her.

Kellie spread awareness by stating that cancer is not a disease to discriminate against. She requested people to stop making fun of cancer patients forced to scarify their hair for treatment. She looked beautiful with a bald head.

Height And Weight

Kellie Pickler height and weight are 5 feet 2 inches tall and 116 pounds.

The North Carolina native is 3 inches shorter than her close friend Taylor Swift. The professional singers teamed up for the Best Days of Your Life song.

Pickler with  Kellie Pickler and Taylor Swift at the CMA Country Music Association Awards in 2017
Source : facebook

Pickler lost her grandmother Faye to lung cancer when she was just 15 years old. Since then, she has advocated inspiring women to help people to fight against the disease. She even supported The American Lung Association's LUNG FORCE campaign.

As per OK Magazine, she shed 40 pounds with the help of a healthy diet. She gained 35-40 lbs during a musical tour with her then-pregnant friend Alli Henson.

She replaced her Red Bull with a vitamin drink named Vemma. Kellie then started working out daily on her own without going to the gym or hiring a trainer.

In 2008, the actress shared with People that she battled depression. She has to take several anti-depressant pills after dealing with a heart-wrenching breakup and family issues.