Who Is Karen And Sharon Sanders Cousin Keith Laborade And Where Is He Today? Details On CBS 48 Hours

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Despite recently agreeing to withdraw the accusations against Vincent and the alleged unusual involvement of Keith Laborde, Karen and Sharon Sanders feel he's guilty, as examined in '48 Hours: Please Don't Tell.'

Vincent Simmons was just 25 years old when he was sentenced to 100 years in prison for the rape of 14-year-old twins Karen and Sharon Sanders, a crime he claims he never committed.

Moreover, read the article in order to know about Keith Laborde In Vincent Simmons Case.

Who Is Keith Laborade And Where Is He Now? 

Keith Laborde, an 18-year-old claimed Marine Corps lieutenant, was with Karen and Sharon Sanders, his first cousins, at the time of the alleged event on the evening of May 9, 1977.

According to their reports, he was taking them home from his residence when he picked up a hitchhiker from 7-11, only for him to be pushed into the trunk of his vehicle at knifepoint.

Keith, like the girls, insisted their assailant was a Black male, whom they all later recognized as Vincent Simmons from a lineup when they went to the authorities two weeks later.

According to '48 Hours,' Keith Laborde has categorically denied ever having intercourse with Karen, despite the (apparently unfounded) allegations against him.

In terms of his current status, the Louisiana native, who is in his 60s, tends to prefer to stay out of the spotlight these days because he allegedly has a family of his own.

Where Is Karen And Sharon Sanders Cousin Keith Laborade Status Today?

Keith Laborde is adamant that Vincent is guilty, which is why, when CNN approached him for an interview in 2020, he reportedly vented his rage through profanities, threats, and racist slurs thrown at him.

"This sh*t happened," Keith concluded. It's real. It took place. And I'm no longer coping with this. I'm not looking behind me anymore... "I'd had it with this nonsense."

Likewise, He told the crew that they simply "played about like children," nothing more or less, adding that everything was voluntary. 

Keith Laborade Statement On Vincent Simmons Case

Dana believes Keith, Karen, and Sharon made up a narrative about a Black man attacking them in order to justify the visible scratches and their overall appearance that night.

Karen explained the situation in an interview with CBS, saying that while she did have consensual intercourse with Keith before the summer of 1977, it happened before that.

They "experimented" when she was a child and he was a teenager, according to reports. But none of this has anything to do with Vincent's actions.

In addition to that, There have been two separate incidences. "Those are two different things," she clarified.

However, one of their other cousins has since claimed that the trio lied during the investigation, which Keith personally told her at a pub long after Vincent's conviction.

Dana Brouillette revealed a sworn declaration, "He informed me that he had consensual sex with one of the girls and locked the other in the trunk."

"He had gone down Little California Road and locked Sharon in the trunk, and he stated the sex between him and Karen was consensual," she later explained.

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