Katie Phang Husband: Who Is Jonathan Feldman? Your Relationship FAQs Answered

Katie Phang  is an American attorney, legal analyst, and television host.
Katie Phang is an American attorney, legal analyst, and television host. ( Source : instagram )

Katie Phang is married to her partner, Jonathan Feldman. The pair, Katie and Jonathan, have been living happily with each other.

Katie Phang, also known as Kathleen Suzanne Phang, is a well-established lawyer, legal expert, and television broadcaster from America. She hosts the Katie Phang Show on weekdays on Peacock and on weekends on MSNBC.

Before appearing on television, Katie was a practicing attorney with years of legal expertise. In 2021, the host made her TV debut on Money in Court. At her Katie Phang Show, the lawyer was seen discussing horrific Texas shooting in the Uvalde primary school with Rep. Jasmine Crockett.

She recently gained search spikes on the internet after Cohen, Donald Trump's ex-professional attorney, stated on The Katie Phang Show on Saturday that the FBI may have received a tip.

Cohen stated that the tip could be coming from Ivanka and Kushner that Trump was storing confidential materials at his Florida Mar-a-Lago residence.

Who Is Katie Phang's Husband, Jonathan Feldman?

Katie Phang has been married to her husband, Jonathan Feldman, a professional attorney like his wife.

They both work in the same industry. Jonathan, Katie's husband, mostly concentrates on financial lawsuits, ethical violations, and bankruptcy.

Additionally, Jonathan accepts matters involving complicated collection litigation, asset protection, D&O, and court-appointed fiduciary representation.

Katie and Jonathan collaborated in their first trial and successfully won the case. It can be assumed they both started getting close after the victory in their collaborated case.

Although she has not provided much information regarding their wedding, it got thought that a small gathering of their close ones attended their secret ceremony.

There are no reports of a breakup or arguments which have surfaced in the media, so the couple's happy marriage seems to be going well. One may have seen Katie on television, and she has an intelligent personality. On the internet, one may readily find adoring images of families.

In addition to being a television personality, Katie, born in Miami, Florida, is also a legal analyst.

Katie Phang standing with her husband, Jonathan Feldman
Katie Phang standing with her husband, Jonathan Feldman ( Source : twitter )

One of the reasons the attorney is highly known is because she is the host of The Katie Phang Show, which airs Thursday through Friday on Peacock and MSNBC on weekends. For many years, Katie and Jonathan have been wed. However, there are few specifics concerning their wedding because of the attorney's character.

The first case that Katie and Jonathan tried together was in May 2021. The plaintiff won, thanks to the husband-and-wife partnership. It was a great anniversary present, and it also happened to be their anniversary.

Phang loves living on Miami Shore and considers it her home. The television host lives with her husband, Jonathan, and their adorable daughter at home. Feldman has lived a secretive life. Therefore, only a little information about Jonathan is available on the web. However, there is tons of information found on the web about Katie.

Katherine did not want her aides to provide legal advice or analyze ongoing criminal matters. She finally found employment at a private law firm when Katie left her unpaid legal consultant position.

Does Katie Phang Have Children?

Katie and Jonathan are the parents of their lovely daughter named Charlotte.

Charlotte shares her mother's intelligence and is quite intelligent herself. Katie and Jonathan find time for the family despite having demanding job schedules.

Always be the first version of yourself and not the second version of someone else is Phang's life philosophy. The philosophy demonstrates the television host's commitment to her family and job.

Katie agrees that achieving life balance is the key to happiness. The attorney lives by her "work-life balance" mantra. Despite being a celebrity, Katie tries to maintain a low profile for her family, including her children.

According to rumors, her husband is practicing law, and their daughter attends a Jewish school.

Katie Phang uploaded picture of her father and daughter on Father's Day
Katie Phang uploaded picture of her father and daughter on Father's Day ( Source : twitter )

The are many details about Katie on the internet, but nothing can be confirmed or validated about Phang's private life and her family. The television host's family has lived in the dark, and no media have covered information about them.

As a legal advisor for WFOR, Katie covered the Terri Schiavo and Robert Blake case trials. Later, Phang was employed by Fox News as a legal expert. The host has frequently appeared on Greta Van Susteren's show.

Katie joined NBCUniversal as a legal analyst in 2017. Alongside Ada Pozo and Kevin O'Leary, she also made an appearance on CNBC's Money Court in 2021. The television host premiered her program on Peacock and MSNBC in April 2022. The Katie Phang program airs on weekdays on Peacock and on weekends on MSNBC.

One can explore Katie on her Instagram handle with her username @katiephang. The television host has uploaded 599 total posts and accumulated 8890 followers on her verified Instagram profile.

She usually uploads her family pictures and reels from her television show on her Instagram to update her followers and fans about the daily activities happening in her life.

Katie Phang Age

As of 2022, Katie Phang is currently 47 years old and was born to her father, Michael Phang, and mother, Jean Phang, on August 1, 1975, in their hometown in Miami, Florida.

At 19, Katie's father left South Korea and moved to the United States.

She completed her education at Pinecrest, Florida's Miami Palmetto Senior High School. The television graduated in 2000 with a Juris Doctor from the University of Miami School of Law and a Bachelor of Arts in political science from Yale University.

The attorney then worked for Miami-Dade County's state attorney's office. She joined the WFOR-TV staff in 2005 and provided legal advice while helping to cover the illustrious Michael Jackson trial.

To the untrained eye, Katie is attractive overall. The host is described as being 5 feet, 6 inches tall. Her average body weight of Katie is 65 kg. The rich brown tint of Katie's gorgeous eyes and brown hair are also attractive features.

In 2005, Phang joined WFOR-TV as a legal consultant to discuss the trial of Michael Jackson.
In 2005, Phang joined WFOR-TV as a legal consultant to discuss the trial of Michael Jackson. ( Source : instagram )

The analyst's attitude is admirable. In addition to being attractive, Katie Phang is amiable, enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and skilled.

She joined NBCUniversal in 2017 as a legal analyst. On CNBC's Money Court in 2021, the television host appeared with Kevin O'Leary and Ada Pozo to resolve financial issues. In April 2022, Katie made her television debut with The Katie Phang Show on MSNBC and Peacock. It airs on weekends on MSNBC and Thursdays through Fridays on Peacock.

The attorney hosts the 12-part documentary podcast "Class Action," which follows rival mock trial teams. She also serves as a stand-in anchor on the MSNBC programs The Beat with Ari Melber and All In with Chris Hayes.

The television host is also a partner at Berger Singerman LLP and the founding partner of Arrastia, Capote & Phang, LLP.

NBC News presently employs Katie as a Legal Contributor. Likewise, Phang also serves as an adjunct professor at the University of Miami School of Law's Litigation Skills Program.

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