Who Is Kandiss Taylor From Georgia? All That We Know About The Family Of Governor Candidate

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Dr. Kandiss Taylor is a south Georgia native who is running for the Governor candidate from the Republic party. Netizens are having mixed views about the politician on Twitter. 

Kandiss Taylor from Republican Party is a candidate for Georgia Governor. On May 24, 2022, she will be on the Republican primary ballot.

She is an educator with a doctorate degree. If elected, she has proposed an Executive Order that will destroy the Georgia Guidestones, a historic site in Elberton, on her first day in office, according to Fox California

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Who Is Kandiss Taylor From Georgia? Wikipedia Bio

Kandiss Taylor is a Republican Party member who is now running for Governor of Georgia in the next election that is happening on 24 May 2022. She will launch her candidacy for the Republican Party's primary election on May 24, 2022.

Kandis Taylor's stage name is now Dr. Kandiss Taylor. She is a South Georgia native who has worked as a teacher for over 19 years. She is no stranger to poverty or government assistance.

She formerly worked as a 3rd-grade teacher, testing coordinator, school counselor, student service coordinator, and homeless liaison in public schools.

Dr. Kandiss Taylor, a multi-talented and multi-disciplinary activist, promotes herself as a Georgia gubernatorial candidate. The politician was born in the Georgia town of Baxley. 

Georgia Southern University awarded her a bachelor's degree in 2003, a master's degree in 2005, and a specialist's degree in 2006. In 2014, she earned a Ph.D. from Regent University.

Taylor has worked as a student services coordinator and is licensed in early childhood education and school counseling. She is also a member of the Georgia Professional Association of Educators.

Running as a candidate for the governor she stated, "I place a high value on our children's wellbeing, education, and safety. I'd want to see our government's attention shift to issues that affect our everyday lives."

"It's past time to stop being manipulated by special interest organizations. Money and power have no place in influencing our government officials."

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Kandiss Taylor, A Governer Candidate Is Married With Her Husband Ryan Taylor

Dr. Kandiss Taylor is married to Ryan Taylor and they have three school-aged children together. She cares deeply about the working class, mental health, government overreach, education, small business growth, gun rights, our farmers, the economy, the right to life, and election integrity.

Simply put, it's Jesus, Guns, and Babies! "I can't complain about what's going on if I'm not prepared to do anything about it," she said when asked why she decided to run.

The governor's budget is 60% education, so who better to clean things up than a public school teacher who understands where and what to cut?"

While running separate campaigns, the pair frequently supports each other. They have official Twitter accounts with their names.

Furthermore, Dr. Kandiss Taylor is active on social media, particularly Twitter, where she has roughly 21.8K followers and 174 people following her.

Does Kandiss Taylor Have Sister In Her Family?

Yes, Kandiss Taylor has a sister, named Torie Hunter. She is married to a family of her own. Torie is actively supporting her bib sister Taylor in her campaign and is encouraging others to vote for her. 

"If you live in Georgia, I encourage you to seek up Kandiss Taylor, my sister, who is running for the US Senate position," she wrote on her Facebook page. 

"Kandiss stands in for you and me. She is a devout Christian who comes from a middle-class family. Kandiss has a servant's heart."

"For the past 13 years, Kandiss has served, defended, and advocated for children in Appling County who don't have a voice in ways and situations you can't even conceive."

"Kandiss is intelligent and never fails to astound me with how much she learns and grows as a servant. Kandiss has worked as a teacher, a school counselor, and now as the Student Coordinator, with a Ph.D. in Counseling and a specialization in Mental Health."

"She swore to see and eliminate the lunacy from Washington, and she intends to do so!"

The family is actively involved in supporting her campaign and making her win the election. The governor candidate might have earned a fortune from her various career and we hope that she will reveal her net worth as soon as possible to the public.

She is an active counselor with 18 years of government service.

Dr. Kandiss has always been interested in mental health, government overreach, education, small company development, and the relevant working classes.

Today, she has made a name for herself in the sectors of education, government candidacy, economics, and other relevant disciplines, where she has tirelessly fought for the rights to life, education, education and integrity, and election and integrity.

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