Kalyani Singh Sippy Sidhu Affair Timeline: Justice Sabina Singh Daughter Arrested

Kalyani singh with late Sippy Sidhu ( Source : Jantakareporter )

Kalyani Singh and Sippy Sidhu's love affair took a new turn after almost seven years in the murder case. 

A national-level lawyer Sippy Sidhu lost his life in Chandigarh on 20 September 2015. He died after getting shot in Sector 27's park; meanwhile, the officers arrested Kalyani Singh in 2022 for the connection of murder. 

CBI started investigating the case in January 2016 to find the murderer. Also, the department time and again put a reward for the public to help crack the case.  

At that time, the investigating team believed that the killer was a woman and gave her the chance to come forward and contact them if she was not guilty.  

Nevertheless, the department couldn't find a lead in the incident until recently. Let's hear more about the judge's daughter, who got taken into custody for the murder connection. 

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Kalyani Singh And Sippy Sidhu Affair Timeline

Kalyani Singh and Sippy Sidhu's affair didn't end well when her partner died in 2015. He was a national-level lawyer who had just returned from Canada.

They both seem to have been in the relationship for a long time before their bonding turned sour. Singh was Serious enough, taking the love life into marriage. 

However, Sidhu's parents seem to have rejected the idea of a tieing a knot. What more complicated their relationship was him leaking the offensive pictures of Kalyani to her friends and parents, which embarrassed her. 

Furthermore, as per CBI, she called him two days after returning from Canada and asked to meet in the exact location where he got murdered. 

Their bitter love affair ended with Sippy losing his life and Singh getting arrested for the connection to his murder. 

Justice Sabina Singh Daughter Kalyani Singh Arrested

Almost seven years after Sippy Sidhu's murder, CBI arrested Justice Sabina Singh's daughter Kalyani Singh for the crime. He got shot four times with a "short gun firearm" that killed him. 

The agency has detained Sabina's daughter on Wednesday for four days of custody in the death of a national-level shooter. 

Although Kalyani has been taken into custody now, she has always remained the prime suspect in the case. The agency has doubted her for a long time but didn't have enough evidence. 

However, due to the strong suspicion, the department still continued investigating her. Previously, CBI also advertised, "there is a reason to believe that a woman was accompanying Sippy's killer at the time of the murder."

They mentioned, "there is a evidence confirming her presence with Sippy Sidhu in the evening." 

Kalayani Singh taken into the custody for four days in the connection of the 2015 murder case
Kalayani Singh taken into the custody for four days in the connection of the 2015 murder case( Source : Jantakareporter )

The tragedy that happened almost seven years before is finally getting a new light with the lead. Meanwhile, the victim's family hopes to get justice for their son soon. 

How Old Is Kalyani Singh? Know Her Age 

At present days, Kalyani Singh seems to be in the age of 30s. The information on her date of birth or how old she is has been kept private; for the moment.

However, she might be in her late 20s when her love affair with Sippy started. At the time of the incident, Kalyani looked like she had completed her education and was building her career.

She now works at a PG College in Chandigarh as an assistant professor. 

Daughter of Justice Sabina, Kalyani Singh
Daughter of Justice Sabina, Kalyani Singh ( Source : Facebook )

Who Are Kalyani Singh Parents?

Kalyani Singh grew up with her parents in a prestigious family. She is mainly known as one of the two daughters of Justice Sabina. 

Her mother, Sabina, was the Haryana High Court judge who got promoted to Himal Pradesh High Court in the position of acting Chief Justice.  

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