Who Is Trina Guytingco? Everything To Know About New Girlfriend Of Joshua Garcia

Trina Guytingco is Joshua Garcia's new girlfriend, who is currently making rounds over the internet. 

Trina Guytingco is a Filipino basketball player, recently on the highlights with her new love life. What's more, Joshua Garcia shared some pictures of her that raised the curiosity of their fans. 

A renowned Filipino actor, Joshua, and a notable basketball player, dating each other is the best thing that fans ever expected.  

Trina and Joshua's fans are already crushing hard for the new couple in town. 

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Who Is Trina Guytingco? Wikipedia Biography On Joshua Garcia New Girlfriend 

Trina Guytingco, Joshua Garcia's new girlfriend, is a well-known basketball player who plays for the Ateneo women's basketball team. She is notable for her position as a guard, leading games to victory. 

Guytingco is not available on Wikipedia yet. She started playing at an early age and growing up, her passion for basketball led to her success. 

Besides playing sports, Trina is also known for her music. What's more, she has released several singles, loved by her followers. 

Trina has recently caught the public's eye after Joshua, a well-famed actor, shared some of her pictures on his IG. They are currently one of the biggest simps over the internet at present. 

Trina Guytingco Age And Height Difference With Joshua Garcia

Trina Guytingo is 24 years of age and has a height of over 1.73m. Joshua Garcia's new girlfriend was born on 23 August 1997 in Manila, Philippines. 

As for Joshua Garcia, he was born on 7 October 1997, and the actor has a height of 1.83m. The couple only has an age difference of almost two months and not much height difference.

Regardless of age and height differences, Trina and Joshua seem very close & so in love with each other. Not that it matters, as their fans have already admired the new love birds. 

Explore On Trina Guytingco And Joshua Garcia Relationship Status Now 

Trina Guytingco and Joshua Garcia's relationship sparked the internet after the actor Joshua shared the pictures of the basketball player, Trine. It seems like Garcia was on vacation or tour with his new girlfriend. 

Those two, Trina and Joshua, were the center of attention among their fans, while people doubted their relationship now. 

While the basketball player dating the actor makes around over the internet, the new pair seems to be playing their own games. Until recently, Guytingco reposted the story and gave the benefits of the doubt. 

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