Which Johnny Depp's lawyer said 'Amber Turd' in the trails? Here is what we know. 

The defamation trial featuring Johnny Depp and Amber Heard has revealed so many disturbing things about the couple. 

During the latest trial, Depp's lawyers had testified Heard in dramatic style. Lawyer Camilla Vasquez had shown pictures of Heard after the incident.

Similarly, many witnesses' and close personnel have also appeared in the courts. On May 19, 2022, Johnny's close friend spoke of the jealous streak in the actor. While his former agent stated that the actor had been going through addiction issues.

Which One Of The Johnny Depp's Lawyer Says Amber Turd In The Trial?

Depp's lawyer has long been questioning Amber Heard about the poop incident. However, no one has actually called her "Amber Turd" in the trials, as it violated the lawyer's professionalism.

However, the actress has denied that she left the feces in a bed shared with Johnny Depp near the end of their relationship.

Meanwhile, the actress has confronted that Depp was too obsessed with the dog poop. Further, she thinks she has been wrongfully accused.

While testifying on Monday, May 17, 2022, pictures of the "Fecal Matter"  were shown by lawyers after Heard had left with friends in 2016.

Twitter Users Are Obsessed With #Amberturd Memes

Social media users have given rise to new memes featuring actress Amber Heard. The trend has got its own # tag on Twitter which is #Ameberturd.

The word "Turd" actually means "Faeces" or a "Contemptible Person", which is referred to as Heard by many after the poop incident. 


A source had also reported that Heard's IMDB page was renamed Amber Turd by someone following the trials. However, it's corrected as of now.

Besides,  "Ameberturd", the new hashtag trend #MePoo is also trending on social media platforms.

The Urban Dictionary has also provided a hilarious meaning to the word. It says the word refers to a large walking, breathing pile of feces that was created by black magic. Further, it wears a human disguise of Amber Heard but is really a demonic turd. 

Amber Heard Teacup Yorkie Meaning Explained 

Heard has already denied defecating in her marital bed. However, she blames Johnny Depp's dog, teacup Yorkie Boo, for creating the dirt.

She has said that she had been suffering from bowel control issues ever since eating Johnny's weed as a puppy. 

The actress has also said Boo and Depp's other dog, Pistol would sleep in their bed.