What Is Joe Shiesty Meaning? Joe Burrow Meme Making The Rounds As New Merch Is Released Before The Super Bowl

As new merchandise is released before the Super Bowl, a Joe Burrow meme calling him 'Joe Shiesty' is making rounds on the Internet.

Joe Burrow is a Quarterback who plays for the Cincinnati Bengals of the NFL. He has been playing for the team since the 2020 drafts.

Burrow is looking to be the first QB to win the college football national title, Heisman, and Super Bowl. Only three others have achieved all three.

What Is Joe Shiesty Meaning? 

Joe Shiesty is a name given to Joe Burrow by TikToker Traphouse Sports.

In one of his famous clips, the narrator calls him "Joe Shiesty," and later, "Joe Brrr". The name is said to have gone viral from the amusing video.

@imagine_getting_clipped Shoutout @traphousesports this is Hilarious Bengals vs Chiefs #bengals #cheifs #nfl #patrickmahomes #joeburrow #jamarrchase #teehiggins #playoffs #yo ♬ original sound - You_Already_Know_ツ

While there is no clear origin story, the nickname is most likely a play on rapper Pooh Shiesty, and the "Brrr" is a reference to the rapper's use of the ad-lib in his music.

Meanwhile, the meaning of "Shiesty"  according to the Urban Dictionary is an action that is greedy or inconsiderate.

When someone is Shiesty, it means they don't think about others. They do things that help them even if they know it harms others.

Why Is Joe Burrow Called Joe Shiesty? His Meme Debunked

Joe Burrow is called Joe Shiesty for his gameplay in defenses. It shows how inconsiderate he is to the opposing defenses.

The Bengals' official TikTok account even used the Shiesty and Brrrr nicknames in some of their clips.


On Sunday, January 30, 2022, once again Bengals used the infamous word to caption a photo of Burrow.

In the photo, Joe is seen wearing a cool shade while lining up at the airport. Fans are absolutely loving the new nickname for their beloved player.

At the same time, many die-hard fans have started the #joeshiesty and # joebrr trend. It nearly yields thousands of results on the Tiktok platform.

Where Does The Nickname Joe Shiesty Come From? 

Joe Burrow's nickname Joe Shiesty reportedly came from a viral Tiktok video. Although, it is difficult to answer about the origin of the trend.

Burrow nearly has as many nicknames. Some of his popular nicknames are "Joey Franchise", "Jackpot Joey", "Joe Cool" and "Smokin’ Joe".

​He was called the "Joe Franchise" after his standing as the Bengals' franchise quarterback. Fans also call him the next Brady.

Similarly, people named him "Jackpot Joey" after his video of the smoking cigar had gone viral after the win over the Chiefs in Week 17.

The video from the Bengals locker room was captioned with "Jackpot Joey" itself. 



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