Rappers Jizzle Buckz and Luh Half Arrested On Possession, What Happened?

Rappers Jizzle Buckz and Luh Half have been arrested for drugs and weapon possession. 

Jizzle Buckz and Luh Half are two American rappers from St Louis. They have a huge fan base in the rap genre and are immensely popular on Spotify and Youtube.

As per the recent news, two rappers have been arrested for illegal drug and weapon possession. Here are things we know about their arrest.

Rapper: Jizzle Buckz and Luh Half Arrested On Drug Possession

Jizzle Buckz and Luh Half were arrested on Wednesday, April 4, 2022, on drugs and weapon possession.

According to sources, both the musicians faced indictment along with four other men. They were arrested for carrying an illegal medication called Fentanyl aka Fenny. They were taken into custody by the federal agents along with two others selling fenny to a rat, reportedly a woman customer.

A video message on Youtube also claims that their private bodyguards were the reason for their arrest. Nonetheless, specific details about them are yet to be released by the police.

A fan has commented in the Youtube video shared: " Jizzle & half got money but let's be real they buying themselves out of this one....they best bet is to plea out truthfully because at this point they probably facing life off that fin....so yea if I was them I'd let it go"

Meanwhile, on Twitter, many have commented on the matter. @Q_Tha_Goon has tweeted: "Damn they done snatched up luh half and jizzle….they ain’t playing no mo," @Chrissieee__ says: "Jizzle and Luh half are done lol". 

Jizzle Buckz and Luh Half Faces Guns and Drugs Charges

Rappers Jizzle Buckz and Luh Half will be facing serious charges for carrying an illegal drug and a gun.

If convicted, the duo will be sentenced for fentanyl trafficking for more than 74 months. Likewise, the Illegal possession of a Firearm would take them at least 10 years in prison. 

In 2020, Buckz had nearly lost his freedom after being charged with a crime. The St. Louis rapper vowed to change his life and focus on music after doing time in prison. He has shared his success tale in an exclusive interview some years ago. He was charged with doing three murders.

Who Are Rappers Jizzle Buckz And Luh Half? 

Jizzle Buckz and Luh Half are musical artists from St Louis. The real name of Jizzle Buckz is Rejay, while Luh Half is mostly known from his stage name only.

Talking about their works,  Half is best known for his debut mixtape Halfway There. He has so many popular songs like Hood Memories, Nah Nah, Wanna Be Rich, Solo Bolo, Run It Up, Mrs. Halftime, etc. The rapper has a total of 126k subscribers on Youtube.

Similarly, Jizzle Buckz's songs include Choppaz & Brickz, Whats Next, Trappin' 'n Traffic, Jump, 9 to 5, and many more.

According to Buckz's bio on Spotify, his latest project, Jizzle Bucket List, is set to take his career to new heights. He has 10.1K subscribers on Youtube.


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