Jim Cornette wife Stacey Goff is a retired American professional wrestler who goes by the ring name Synn. Jim and Stacy have been together since 2007.

Jim is an American author and podcaster who has previously held positions as an agent, booker, color commentator, manager, promoter, trainer, and sporadic professional wrestler in the world of professional wrestling.

Due to his prodigious mic skills, he is regarded as one of the greatest managers in wrestling history. He left management in 2017.

Outside of professional wrestling, he is renowned for his liberal political stances. He has appeared on The Young Turks to discuss his critiques of right-wing and religious causes.

The Jim Cornette Experience and his Drive-Thru are two podcasts he hosts. 

Jim Cornette Wife Stacey Goff Is A Wrestler

Jim Cornette wife Stacey Goff popularly known by her ring name Synn.

Stacey is a retired American professional wrestler. She had previously served as a manager in OVW promotion.

The couple celebrated their 15th anniversary this year. The #SpeakingOut movement recently brought Jim Cornette and Stacey to public attention. They allegedly trained up-and-coming OVW talent before inducting them into a strange "cult" that imposed servitude and other rules.

The rumors are spreading, and almost all of them can be confirmed by his former best friend, says Ringside news.

Jim and Stacey are often involved in controversies
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In a 2020 episode of The Bolin Alley, Kenny Bolin and his son Chris spent more than an hour talking about Jim's predicament.

He asserted that although their culture might appear negative from the outside, it was normal in the wrestling industry. Stacey had been with The Big Show before she started dating Jimmy. 

Numerous influential WWE employees were aware of what was happening but did nothing about it, added Kenny. However, he categorically refuted all these assertions. 

Jim Cornette and Stacey Goff Wedding

Jim Cornette and Stacey Goff tied the knot on Halloween night of 2007. The invitations were distributed by the couple that resembled vintage pro wrestling posters. 

In the corner, they included the words "World Martial Champions," the NWA logo, and a picture of them looking like they were going up against one another in the main event.

Nikita was listed as the manager of Goff, and Kenny Bolin was the manager of Cornette. 

Jim And Stacey Relationship

Jim Cornett has been married to Stacey Goff for over 15 years.

Without any media speculation about their impending divorce, we must affirm they are in a good relationship.

Indy wrestler 'AKI Evolution' made a tweet sharing the story about Cornette and Stacey asking for unethical gratification in exchange for an Ohio Valley Wrestling contract.

Aki Evolution made a tweet accusing Jim and his wife of grooming people while he was working with OVW
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The victim claimed that when Jim was booking at OVW, you had to commit acts of sensual misconduct on his wife, frequently in front of him, if you wanted a contract or to appear on his show.

He continued by saying that Cornette had victimized numerous people in this way. The couple allegedly targeted other people. Things were very difficult if someone wanted to leave because they kept people in this unhealthy and oppressive situation.

It is claimed that another man spent years with them in this circumstance. They allegedly did a number of things to "terrorize" him after he finally left.

Since he has denied all of the accusations, it is impossible to know how much of this information is accurate.