Learn if Jessica Tarlov has a baby, is she really pregnant? Find more after the host accidentally reveals her secret. 

Jessica is well-known for working in Fox News as a contributor. As a notable TV personality, she has also appeared on different TV networks. 

People have mainly loved her analytical political views, strategy, and consultant. It is no surprise that the public is interested in her professional and personal life. 

She was previously on the news when she joined Fox News as a Democratic strategist. Since then, she has always managed to catch people's interest in her. 

Does Jessica Tarlov Have A Baby?

Jessica kept the pregnancy news secret when Dana Perino accidentally spilled the beans. The secret of Jessica got revealed, which led her to get loads of congratulations. 

The Fox News contributor even received a surprise baby shower. Her whole period of pregnancy has been the highlighted news of the public. 

Jessica finally had her baby girl just recently. Her child was born on 11 December, and her every known one congratulates her over the good news. 

Tarlov has put her baby name Cleo Markie Mckenna, where her Markie got put after Jessica's late father. Also, as explained by Dana, she is the tallest baby born.  

Jessica Tarlov Husband Brian Mckenna Photo

Jesica is married to her husband, Brian McKenna. The couple started dating for a long time and finally tied their knot. 

They have been romantically involved with each other for a long time now. The couple is presently celebrating a new member of their family. 

Also, Fox News has revealed pictures of her pregnancy and her husband carrying the little girl over the news. The pair has since been getting many wishes for the newborn. 

They are enjoying their time with their little daughter. Jesica changing her life to motherhood has been a new experience for her. 

Jessica Tarlov Salary Revealed

Jessica works as a Fox News contributor. She is an American political strategist who joined the Fox News channel. 

Additionally, Tarlov is a vice president, research and consumer insight at Bustle Digital Group. She has been in the group for more than five years. 

As for working in Fox News, it has already been more than four years, Jessica started her work as a contributor in the channel. Before that, she worked for Douglas Schoen LLC as a political strategist for five years. 

Still and all, the details of her salary still remain concealed from the public.