Who Is Model Rebecca Halliday? Unofficial Wife Of The Manchester United Footballer, Jesse Lingard

Rebecca Halliday is an Instagram model and a professional fitness trainer
Rebecca Halliday is an Instagram model and a professional fitness trainer( Source : instagram )

Rebecca Halliday is an Instagram model and a professional fitness trainer who has a child with Jesse Halliday.

Based in Manchester, England, she has recently gained popularity for being the ex-girlfriend of 29-year-old English footballer Jesse Lingard.

Her relationship with Lingard, the subsequent breakup, and the birth of their daughter Hope has been a magnet for media fanfare. The Nottingham Forest midfielder and Halliday are known to be on good terms, but the media can't help but poke and prod at it due to their relationship.

She has quite a large social media following, with over 37.9K followers on her Instagram page. She often posts about traveling, her daughter Hope, her fashion styles and outfits, and fitness. She is also an entrepreneur; she owns her children's clothing brand, Little Rays of Hope, and runs a traveling agency, Momente Travel.

Who Is Jesse Lingard's Wife, Rebecca Halliday?

Rebecca Halliday is a fitness trainer, Instagram model, and self-made entrepreneur. 

She was born on April 21, 1998, in England, though the exact specifics of where she was born and raised have not been released to the public. Though not much is known about her personal life, Halliday has stated that she is very close to her mother and has a positive relationship with her.

Her educational background seems to be a mystery, too, as Halliday has built her platform around her brand rather than any glimpses into her personal life.

She was a minor internet figure before she met with Lingard. Though her impressive physique garnered many fans, the attention from her and Lingard's relationship brought her to the forefront of stardom.

Rebecca Halliday is a fitness trainer, Instagram model, and self-made entrepreneur
Rebecca Halliday is a fitness trainer, Instagram model, and self-made entrepreneur ( Source : instagram )

Since their relationship has become public, Halliday has seen a surge in popularity. 

Halliday was already successful as an operations manager with a prominent personal training firm when she met Lingard.

She was 34 years old when they met, and he was just 26. By all accounts, it was mostly a physical relationship. Having a daughter and the press gamut that her relationship with Lingard has given her has not stopped Halliday as she continues to focus on her career and keep succeeding.

Given all the pictures she takes in exotic locations and all the places she can afford to go to, one can't help but assume that she is doing great for herself.

Jesse Lingard And Rebecca Halliday's Relationship

The Nottingham Forest midfielder Jesse Lingard and fitness trainer Rebecca Halliday are no longer together but share a child.

Though the circumstances of their union have been debated, with many stating that they met while at a nightclub and others stating that they met on a dating app, one thing is sure: they had a short but torrid affair.

The two did not last very long, as all accounts point to the fact that their relationship was mainly physical, and shortly after their first date, Halliday became pregnant with their daughter Hope.

Not much is known about their relationship during the pregnancy; by all accounts, the two kept quiet about it. All evidence points to the fact that the pregnancy was an accident and not intended by either party.

Jesse Lingard and Rebecca Halliday with daughter Hope
Jesse Lingard and Rebecca Halliday with daughter Hope ( Source : soccersouls )

However, regardless of how it happened, the result has been two loving parents to a loved child. The two chose to end the relationship soon after but have decided to co-parent their child, and all sources claim that they do a wonderful job of it.

Though Lingard doesn't appear much on Halliday's social media, he is a present father. He has a lot of experience caring for his younger siblings when his mother fell ill.

According to the footballer, his mother has had some health issues for some time, and he has stepped up to care for his younger brother Jasper and sister Daisy-Boo.

The two currently live with Jesse and are being schooled at his house. Inside sources have stated that whenever the school needs a parent to attend a function on behalf of the children, it is Jesse who steps up.

Jesse Lingard And Rebecca Halliday's Daughter

The Nottingham Forest midfielder Jesse Lingard and fitness trainer Rebecca Halliday have a daughter named Hope.

As stated above, the little girl was born in 2016 and conceived after Lingard and Halliday's first date. Though the child was conceived as an accident, Lingard has taken great pains to be a present father and is often seen with the little girl.

Fans started taking note when he posted a snap on his Instagram of him pushing little Hope in a Pram. 

Since then, little Hope has often appeared on Jesse Lingard's social media, and whenever she does, he makes sure to shower her with love and adoration. 

Lingard was 26 when he first met Halliday, who was 34 then, and since their rendezvous, they have started a nice schedule as co-parents.

Rebecca Halliday at Disney Land with her daughter Hope
Rebecca Halliday at Disney Land with her daughter Hope ( Source : instagram )

According to sources, Halliday takes her to see him once a week, and they both have her best interests at heart.

When Hope turned one year old, Lingard took to interviews to talk about how proud he was of her and their love.

He stated in interviews that little Hope takes his mind off a lot of things he has to deal with and that not only is she brilliant but a great part of his life. He's said that he wants to be there for her as a father so he can show her the right way so she can be proud of him. 

Given everything shared about Lingard as a father, it seems he is on the right path. Though Halliday and Lingard's relationship never took off, they seem to be doing much better as co-parents than lovers.

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