Minecraft' Jelly Bean Official Face Reveal, Here Is All We Know About

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The face of Minecraft's Jelly Bean has been revealed to be a girl. Her photographs have gone viral on Twitter and Reddit.

Jelly Bean is a popular Gamer and Youtuber. She is extremely popular for playing Minecraft and many other games.

Ever since Jellybean Minecraft experts Dream reached her phenomenal Million subscribers, fans are asking him to reveal; her face.

In December 2021, the web star had stated that he will reveal his true identity. The time has come for his fans to know about his true identity.

Minecraft' Jelly Bean Official Face Reveal - Gender (Girl Or Boy)

Jelly Bean's real face has been revealed and she is a girl. 

A photo of her was reportedly leaked on social media this weekend. Sources have claimed the photo was first shared on Discord. Ultimately, it had reached Twitter and Reddit.

On March 8, 2022, Bean on her Twitter handles @BeanNotHere had shared a picture of her. Although, the face was covered with purple coloring.

After analyzing the photo many of her fans got a hint that she is a girl. It is clearly seen that she has long hair that resembles a woman.

Jelly Bean Leaked Photos and Videos Are Viral On Twitter

Jelly Bean's face photos have gone viral on Twitter and Reddit. Although, a clear image of her is yet to be released.

Starting this year, his neck reveal was on-trend all over on Twitter.

Meanwhile, fans are still attempting to find out who she is by trying again in time, however to no impact.

Curious fans have begun tagging her on Twitter, asking if the recent photograph that has surfaced is actually of her.

Jelly Bean Net Worth & Earnings: Twitch Channel & Income

Jelly Bean's net worth is expected to be more than $60k as of 2022.

She has massive followers on Twitch and Youtube, which is actually the major source of her earnings.

On Youtube, the gamer has a total of 1.72 million subscribers, and on Twitch, she has amassed a total of 272 thousand followers.

Who Is Minecraft's Jelly Bean?

Jelly Beans' real name or identity is still anonymous. 

Her Minecraft’s Dream face is always hidden with a cartoon of animation drawing of a white smiley emoji which we can see on his profile.

She had created her channel on October 8, 2020, and uploaded her first video on October 21, 2021.

A clip of her titled "Mexican Dream in Minecraft" had gained thousands of viewers.

Since then Jellybean Minecraft has been on the list of the most popular games for all aged people among the gaming community.

According to a Youtube fandom site, Bean was born on November 23. She is Hispanic and uses she/they pronouns on her Twitch channel.

Her fans have speculated that the gamer is currently in her twenties.

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