Here's The Truth We Know About Ventriloquist Jeff Dunham's Wife, Audrey Murdick

Audrey Murdick is a certified personal trainer and and health consultant
Audrey Murdick is a certified personal trainer and and health consultant( Source : zimbio )

After marrying Jeff Dunham, a prominent standup comedian, and ventriloquist, Audrey Murdick instantly got more recognition worldwide and rose to stardom.

As per the source, Audrey is a certified nutritionist, personal trainer, competitive bodybuilder, and vegan cookbook author.

In addition, Audrey is also a blogger. She usually shares healthy lifestyle tips, recipes, and mouthwatering culinary food photos on her Instagram handle @audreydunham. Her fan followers grew after she got engaged to Dunham on December 25, 2011.

IMDb reported Audrey is also an actress and producer. She is mostly known for The Thieves Guild (2005), Jeff Dunham: Minding the Monsters (2012), and Achmed Saves America (2014).  Here is the truth about American fitness model Audrey Murdick's married life. She exchanged vows with ventriloquist Jeff Dunham in 2012.

Who Is Jeff Dunham's Wife, Audrey Murdick?

Audrey Dunham is the second wife of Jeff Dunham. She got stardom after she was linked to Jeff in the 2000s.  

Speaking about Audrey's profession, she has been an exceptional personal fitness expert among clients. She is active in sports and full of life. Buzz Nigeria revealed that she is a cookbook author, nutritionist, and a successful fitness model. 

Jeff Dunham is the husband of Audrey Murdick
Jeff Dunham is the husband of Audrey Murdick ( Source : instagram )

According to Jeff's Wikipedia page, Jeff and Audrey's romantic relationship started after he divorced his first wife, Paige Brown. Their long-term relationship ended in 2008. 

Paige first met Jeff in Florida in 1992. He fell head over heels for Paige. After dating for a year, Jeff walked down the aisle with Brown in 1994. He even adopted Brown's one and half year old daughter. The reason behind their divorce is kept under wraps, and he eventually found a love of his life and a supportive wife, Audrey, in mid-2009.

Jeff Dunham celebrating 10th wedding anniversary in October 2022
Jeff Dunham celebrating 10th wedding anniversary in October 2022 ( Source : instagram )

The pair has two kids together and three stepdaughters.

The pair have been enjoying their married life since 2012. In October 2022, Audrey shared a video making a collage on their 10th wedding anniversary. The video is all about their sweet memories which they have spent together till now.

Audrey Murdick Has Two Children James Jeffrey, And Jack Steven

Audrey Murdick and her husband, Jeff Dunham, welcomed twins sons in October 2015. On Facebook, Jeff announced that they were expecting twins in May 2015.

Audrey Murdick welcomed twins in 2015 with her partner Jeff
Audrey Murdick welcomed twins in 2015 with her partner Jeff ( Source : instagram )

They were over the moon after giving birth to a healthy twin son, Jeffrey, and Jack. Both turned seven years old in October this year.

Besides that, Jeff Dunham has two daughters, named Ashlyn (b. 1995) and Kenna (b. 1997) from his ex-wife Paige. When Jeff married Brown in 1994, he adopted Paige's daughter named Bree from her past relationship.

As of 2022, Ashlyn turned 27 years old, while Kenna has turned 25 years. Bree welcomed a child, according to Audrey's Instagram post. 

The whereabouts of Paige are still unknown. However, all three daughters are grown up now and probably married. Not much is known about Jeff's daughters as of this writing.

Audrey Murdick's family photo
Audrey Murdick's family photo ( Source : instagram )

Nonetheless, Audrey is a great mom since she took good care of Jeff's three daughters. She often shares images of her children on her social media accounts like Instagram and Facebook.

Murdick has crossed over fifty thousand admirers on Instagram as of November 2022. Vegan Cookbook Author Audrey is the creator of Peanut Bake Shop.  

Audrey Dunham's Married Life Explored

On October 12, 2012, Audrey Murdick tied the knot with Jeff Dunham, now 60. Although the pair has a huge age gap, their love for one another is beyond our imagination.

Jeff is a prominent TV personality and actor. He rose to fame after appearing in comedy TV shows. 

Indeed, Audrey's wedding was lavishly organized in Santa Ynez, California, with more than 100 guests. The loving pair told People, no matter what their day has been, they go to bed laughing and wake up laughing.

Jeff Dunham's new show airing on Comedy Central
Jeff Dunham's new show airing on Comedy Central ( Source : instagram )

Let us know about Jeff's career before revealing their love life. Jeffrey, aka Jeff Douglas Dunham (b. April 18, 1962), is an American ventriloquist, comedian, and actor. He appeared in several TV shows and rose to fame in no time.

Some of Jeff's popular shows are Comedy Central PresentsThe Tonight Show,  Late Show with David Letterman, and Sonny With a Chance. He runs a few special comedy shows like Central: Arguing with MyselfSpark of InsanityControlled ChaosMinding the MonstersJeff Dunham's Very Special Christmas Special, and All Over the Map. In 2009, Dunham started a comedy series, The Jeff Dunham Show, on Comedy Central network. The show first aired on October 22, 2009.

As per the online reports, Audrey was 29 when she met Jeff for the first time in mid-2009. Jeff proposed to Audrey in December 2011. She was on cloud nine when Jeff kneeled and asked her to be his wife.

You might not know, but Jeff lost weight to fit and slim on his wedding day. Audrey made a strict diet plan for Jeff, and in just three months, he shed 25 lbs.

As mentioned above, Jeff was previously married to Paige Brown. In 2015, Audrey sued Brown in a cyberpiracy lawsuit. She created different domains under her name and demanded tens of thousands of dollars for each domain name.

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