Where Is Jade Bender From? More About The Parents And Family Of Senior Year Actress Who Plays Brie

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Jade Bender is Netflix's newest high school, "Queen Bee," and the viewers are eager to know more about the actress.

The new Netflix movie, "Senior Year," hit the screens on May 13 around the world.

While Rebel Wilson led the movie with her comedic yet struggles to fulfill her dream to become a prom queen, another actress, Jade Bender, also caught the attention of many.

Jade portrayed the role of Bri Loves, who is initially Stephaine's rival but later turns out to be a helpful and true friend.

What Is Jade Bender Nationality?

Jade Bender holds American nationality by default as she was born and raised there all along.

The actress is currently based in Los Angeles to focus on her acting career. The new Netflix star has seen a boost in her fandom since her latest movie and has also earned international fans in a short time.

Hence, not only in America but most international Netflix viewers are aware of Jade's presence in the acting industry.

Therefore, she may soon be awarded a variety of roles to showcase her acting talent.

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More On The Senior Year Cast Jade Bender Ethnicity

Jade Bender, the notable "Senior Year" cast, hails of mixed ethnicity. While the actress has yet to clear out details on her ethnic background, she is familiar with her American lifestyle.

The actress has already captured many hearts with her diverse beauty traits. Jade has seldom talked about her distinguishing background.

Who Are Senior Year Bri Loves Actress Jade Bender Parents?

Jade Bender, aka the BriLoves or Bri Balbo portraying actress, was born to affluent parents.

Her father is Lon Bender, an illustrator, while her mother, Peggy, is a homemaker.

She is thankful to her supportive parents, who have kept up with her career decisions all these times. 

Meanwhile, Mr. and Mrs. Bender has yet to open up about their thoughts on their daughter's growing acting career.

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How Old Is Jade Bender? Her Wikipedia Bio 

Jade Bender's current age is 24 years old as of 2022. She was born in 1997, and her birthday falls on September 11 every year.

The actress was a born acting enthusiast who started performing on stage at a very young age. She did not miss any chance to perform on her school stage, ensuring her future in the acting industry.

After graduating from high school in 2015, Jade attended college and also focused on her biz career.

Jade is represented by A3 Artists Agency, which helped her bag acting roles. Her first acting venture opportunity came knocking in 2013 on the sets of "Major Crimes," where she appeared in two roles.

According to her IMDb profile, Jade first appeared in an episode of the TV series "Warren the Ape" in 2010.

The actress has bagged seven credits as an actor and one as herself for her appearance in the TV series documentary "Teens Wanna Know."

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