What Is Jack Sparrow Run TikTok Trend? Song Videos and Compilation

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Jack Sparrow, the most-loved pirate from the "Pirates of the Caribbean" movie series, has prompted a trend now known as the "Jack Sparrow Run" on TikTok.

When the Walt Disney movie "Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl" hit the global screens in 2003, it became a huge hit and still remains a classic cult.

The moviemakers owe it to actor Johnny Depp's portrayal of the movie's lead character, Captain Jack Sparrow. 

Depp appearing as a witty, drunken, yet morale trickster pirate won the audience that he continued to appear in the later four sequels of the film series.

As of 2022, TikTok has bombarded it's For You page as TikTokers can't help themselves from doing the Jack Sparrow run trend.

What Is Jack Sparrow Run TikTok Trend?

Jack Sparrow Run TikTok trend has taken over the video-sharing platform where TikTokers attempt running just like the character.

The running inspiration comes from the 2006 sequel movie, "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest."  In one of the scenes, the Captain makes a comedic yet successful attempt to free himself and run away from cannibals on an island.

@mattscharff Which captain Jack Sparrow run was better?? #mattandmaddie #piratesofthecaribbean ♬ Pirates Of The Caribbean - Main Theme - He's A Pirate - Geek Music

The original scene where he runs flailing his hands on-air while escaping from the cannibals is what has started the Jack Sparrow Run trend on TikTok.

TikTokers have mimicked Jack Sparrow's drunken ways to re-enact the scene and add their part in the ongoing trend.

This trend can be done alone and also within a group, thus, adding to the trend's popularity.

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Jack Sparrow Run Song Videos and Compilation

Jack Sparrow Run trend is mainly done over an original music theme from the movie series. The music is titled "He's a Pirate," Captain Jack Sparrow's theme song.

While in the movie, the theme song did not run in the background; however, TikTokers using this sound has built on more fun and drama to perform and share it with others.

The popularity of the mix between the Jack Sparrow run trend and "He's a Pirate" music has accumulated over 153k videos on TikTok in a short while.

Likewise, #jacksparrowrun has garnered over 50 million views where famous personalities have even participated.

Meanwhile, the TikTok videos compilation of the trend has amassed thousands of views on other platforms, mainly YouTube.


Who did it the best?

♬ Pirates Of The Caribbean - Main Theme - He's A Pirate - Geek Music

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Jack Sparrow Run Challenge and Original

Jack Sparrow Run trend has called out for another challenge of its same name. In this challenge, a group of people runs like Jack Sparrow at their best, and the best impersonation wins the challenge.

As the run trend originally started for TikTokes to do it alone, the challenge with friends videos has also gone viral in recent days. 

The TikTok handle, @joggingjacksparrow, is wholly dedicated to Jack Sparrow cosplaying and doing the run. The handle's attempt to do the run on a treadmill has stockpiled 3 million views.

Thus, among many trends on TikTok, the Jack Sparrow run trend has become another star as Johnny Depp has been headlining the news due to his legal fights presently.

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