Is Tebatso Mashishi Arrested Over Accused Of Stealing? Here's What We Know About The Actor

Muvhango actor Tebatso Mashishi arrested ( Source : Opera )

Actor Tebatso Mashishi of the Muvhango series was taken into custody by the police after his ex-girlfriend, Durban Gen actress Nanamhla Dalisile, filed a theft complaint against him.

The rapper, writer, and actor's most well-known character is Kgosi. Mashishi is the guy he's always wanted to be despite his albinism.

As he gets ready to release his new album, Tebatso Mashishi has been in the headlines for a while. His performance has gained praise since his character joined Vhutshilo in Thathe and helped Susan.

After a fellow actress in the business made some untrue accusations against the actor, the matter went viral.

The arrest report has gotten a lot of attention online, especially on Twitter. The shocking news surrounding one of the show's popular characters caught many viewers off guard.

Learn more about the actress's claims regarding her ex-boyfriend.

Is Tebatso Mashishi Arrested Over Accused Of Stealing?

Yes, Tebatso Mashishi, a Muvhango actor, was arrested on suspicion of theft on June 18, 2022, according to news reports.

His ex-girlfriend Nanamhla Dalasile was the one who reported him for theft. According to the Sunday World, Mashishi went to her apartment to retrieve his clothes.

After their breakup, Nanamhla admitted to the magazine that she accidentally packed up some of his belongings when she left his apartment. Tebatso was then charged with taking her smartphone and laptop.

Muvhango actor arrested after stealing from his girlfriend, Durban Gen actress for dumping him
Muvhango actor arrested after stealing from his girlfriend, Durban Gen actress for dumping him ( Source : News365 )

The actress sent Tebatso an email with the new address of her apartment after leaving Tembisa. According to Nanamhla, she had to leave him at her apartment so that she could go to the gym.

When Dalasile got home, she alleges she realized her laptop and phone were missing. Till Dalasile was reportedly blacklisted, Tebatso's phone stayed unanswered.

Tebatso is expected to show up in court to answer to theft-related allegations after Nanamhla filed a complaint on Friday.

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Girlfriend And Mugshot: Durban Gen Actress Nanamhla Dalasile Theft Allegations

As a role in the medical drama series Durban Gen, a South African actress by the name of Nanamhla Dalasile rose to fame. However, the actress alleges that on Wednesday of last week, one of her co-stars took her laptop.

Mashishi and Dalisile were lovers, but the avant-garde actor dismissed Dalisile this year.

Nanamhla Dalasile alleges that her laptop and cellphone was missing
Nanamhla Dalasile alleges that her laptop and cellphone was missing ( Source : Facebook )

The cops detained Muvhango actor Tebatso Mashishi. According to Sunday World, his ex-girlfriend, Durban Gen actor Nanamhla Dalisile, convicted him of stealing and that led to his imprisonment.

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Tebatso Mashishi Jail Sentence: Where Is He Now?

The Gauteng Provincial Police's Mavela Masondo stated that Mashishi had been arrested on suspicion of stealing and would soon appear in court.

Moreover, as he has a lot of money and can simply buy them, the authorities have also explained why he would take the laptop and smartphone.

For a lot of the framing talents, there may have been some blackmailing involved. The actor currently has more than 6000 Instagram followers and has an interesting persona.

Tebatso Mashishi
Tebatso Mashishi ( Source : Instagram )

Mashishi has not yet released any statements regarding the case and has not yet provided his perspective on the matter.

Given that the actress has previously had a romance end in a police station, some admirers suspect the actress may be lying. Her co-star Cebolenkosi Mthembu requested a protection order against her last year because he believed she was endangering his life.

The concerned authorities have begun an inquiry into this situation, and they will look into all relevant cases in order to serve justice.

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