Is Norval Morrisseau Indigenous? Canadian Artist Featured In Google Doodle

Norval Morrisseau: The grandfather of contemporary Indigenous art in Canada ( Source : Twitter )

Art never dies, as Norval Morrisseau Indigenous artist, is still very reflective in the present day. Blake Angeconeb and Danielle Morrison of Winnipeg helped present his art in google doodle on Canada's landing page.

Google Canada commemorates National Indigenous Peoples Day with a new Search Doodle showing Norval Morrisseau.

He is known as "Picasso of the North." The new Google Doodle honors Morrisseau's life, works, and distinct artistic style.

Google Doodle: Is Norval Morrisseau Indigenous?

Norval Morrisseau was an indigenous artist from Canada who faced bigotry and discrimination throughout his life to establishing himself as an artist. He was also known as Copper Thunderbird. 

Morrisseau was renowned for his use of traditional storytelling, political statements, and spiritual themes in his works.

Morrisseau was likewise drawn to the use of stronger colors. Norval was the Anishinaabek Bingwi Neyaashi First Nation member who became one of Canada's most well-known artists.

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Norval was a member of the Indian Group of Seven, which pioneered the Woodland School creative style and served as an inspiration to Canada's Indigenous art community.

Google has done it again reflecting Norval In it's landing page
Google has done it again reflecting Norval In it's landing page ( Source : Twitter )

Did He Die Rich? Norval Morrisseau Net Worth At Death

Norval Morrisseau's net worth was estimated at $1 million at the time of his death. He died at the age of 75 in 2007. 

Morrisseau's health began to deteriorate in 1994 due to Parkinson's disease and a stroke. His adopted family, Gabe and Michelle Vadas looked after him when he became sick.

The National Gallery of Canada in Capital had a retrospective of his work in 2005 and 2006. Due to his terrible health condition, he could not paint for a long time.

On December 4, 2007, he died at Toronto General Hospital of heart arrest caused by Parkinson's disease complications.

A rare picture of Norval while Painting
A rare picture of Norval while Painting ( Source : Twitter )

Norval was buried following a private ceremony in Northern Ontario close to the grave of his former wife, Harriet, on Anishinaabe property.

How Did Real Copper Thunderbird Die?

The Copper Thunderbird, Norval Morrisseau, died of a long illness with Parkinson's disease and heart problem at 75. He was buried in Northern Ontario. 

Post his death, Google Doodle honoring Morrisseau is now up on Google Canada's Search homepage.

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Anishinaabe artists Blake Angeconeb and Danielle H. Morrison drew it with a likeness of the artist, a thunderbird, and the same brilliant colors he loved.

Google has honored numerous Canadian figures with Doodles, including basketball inventor Dr. James Naismith last year and philosopher Marshall McLuhan before that.

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