Is Mick Lynch Irish? Here's What We Know About The British Trade Unionist

RMT Mick Lynch ( Source : Irishnews )

Michael Lynch is a British trade unionist who was born in January 1962. He has served as the National Union of Rail, Maritime, and Transport Workers' general secretary since May 2021 (RMT).

Similarly, he started working for Eurostar in 1993 after being unable to find employment in the construction industry. He also got involved with the National Union of Rail, Maritime, and Transport Workers (RMT). He was compensated for the unlawful blacklisting twenty years later.

In addition, he was selected as the union's acting general secretary in 2020 when Mick Cash had to take a leave of absence owing to illness. 

Furthermore, he received a lot of attention for participating in interviews and discussions on the BBC, Sky News, TalkTV, and ITV as part of the media coverage of the RMT's 2022 strikes. Lynch served as a panelist for BBC One's Question Time on June 23, 2022.

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Is Mick Lynch Irish? His Ethnicity And Nationality 

Born in London in January 1962, Mick Lynch is the son of Irish parents. He was raised in the Paddington district of London. However, he has British citizenship, and his Irish ancestry determines his ethnicity. 

At age 16, he earned his high school diploma and obtained his electrician license. Lynch, who worked in construction and had joined a union, was thus placed on an illegal blacklist. 

He is telling Grant Shapps to "tone down the bluster and get to work." His remarks came as the third day of the 24-hour train strikes began. Creating considerable disruption to train operations in Britain.

According to The Guardian, the strikes were called as part of a dispute over pay and conditions on the railways after the government told Network Rail and train operating companies to find savings through "modernization" to fund pay deals.

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Trade Unionist Mick Lynch Parents - Who Are They?

Trade Unionist Mick Lynch's parents are Jackie and Ellen. Jackie was born on the quays in the city's heart in the early 1920s, soon before the country's division. 

Ellen or "Nellie" Morris, Lunch's mother, was from a farm in a south Armagh townland outside of Crossmaglen. 

During the Second World War, they both arrived in the UK in 1941 and 1942. Since then, they have passed away.

Mick Lynch Salary And Net Worth In 2022

Mick Lynch has a yearly salary of £124,000. His overall pay includes National Insurance, tax, and pension contributions in addition to his £84,000 yearly wage. As reported by Forbes, his net worth was $1 billion as of 2015. 

Since joining RMT, the union leader has made £763,000 in pay and bonuses. 

On live television, the RMT president acknowledged that many train drivers are striking for a salary raise of 11%, which will bring in more nearly £54,000. 

He said he was just a working-class man heading a union in a struggle for employment, compensation, and concerns to be resolved, even when asked about his pay and bonuses.

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