Is It The Kisses For Me TikTok Song And Lyrics Meaning - In Details

TikTok is known for spawning many viral songs. Is it the kisses for me is not different.
TikTok is known for spawning many viral songs. Is it the kisses for me is not different.( Source : spotify )

"Is It The Kisses For Me" is an ongoing viral song taking the TikTok app by storm.

Now and then, a certain song blows up on Tiktok because a verse or sound in it can be used either in context or out of context to describe or soundtrack a mood.

"Is It The Kisses For Me" is no different. This new song's chorus has taken hold of TikTok in the same vein as previously viral songs, "hit or miss" and "Billie Eilish."

The song currently has been used for 42.3K videos as of the writing of this video, and that is only one of the sounds.

The way TikTok works, the song could have been uploaded as another sound, so the song is potentially being used on many more videos.

However, songs that go viral on TikTok either become a cultural staple and launch their artists to the main stage or quickly disappear into the aether. Only time will tell what will happen to "Is It The Kisses For Me."

What Are The Lyrics To 'Is It The Kisses For Me?'

The most popular version of Self Esteem on Youtube is the Lyric video
The most popular version of Self Esteem on Youtube is the Lyric video ( Source : youtube )

As "Is It The Kisses For Me" popularity has grown on TikTok, people have become curious bout its lyrics.

The part of the song that has taken hold of the people is the "Is it the kisses for me" bit used in the intro and the beginning of the chorus.

As with most viral songs on TikTok, the song isn't known by its name anymore and goes by the phrase "is it the kisses for me."

Original Title And Singer Of 'Is It The Kisses For Me?'

The original title of the TikTok song "Is It The Kisses For Me" is Self Esteem, by musical artist lambo4oe.

The song is on his 2021 mixtape called Crystal Soul, but it gained prominence as a single first.

lambo4oe, or Big Lamb Diddy as he likes to call himself, is an American rapper who has recently blown up with Self Esteem, especially the snippet of its intro. 

The rapper is relatively up and coming and only has 5.5K followers on Soundcloud. He has a larger following on Instagram, with 21.1K.

Self Esteem, the song where Is It The Kisses For Me comes is made by Lambo4oe
Self Esteem, the song where Is It The Kisses For Me comes is made by Lambo4oe ( Source : instagram )

On the other hand, his song Self Esteem is hugely popular as it has amassed 1.25 million streams since it was released ten months ago on November 14, 2021.

The song is even more popular on Spotify, which has racked up 2.05 million monthly streams and is by far the most popular song by the artist.

Also, it is important to note that the version of the song that became popular on TikTok has been altered heavily.

That version of the song has been pitch-shifted, sped up, and modified to fit the short span of TikTok.

Regardless, lambo4oe has been reaping the benefits of the song, the surge in his follower count notwithstanding, as he has been performing in more events and seeing a rise in support for his other songs.  

How To Perform "Is It The Kisses For Me" TikTok Song?

The "Is It The Kisses For Me" song or Self Esteem by lambo4oe is used primarily for thirst traps.

A thirst trap is a picture or a video where the person taking it shows off their body sensually to attract the audience's attention. 

In the case of this song, people are using it while posing, and in the case of women, showing off their assets, or in the case of men, showing off their clothing or jewelry.

Self Esteem is the first ong on Lambo4oe's mixtape, Crystal Soul
Self Esteem is the first ong on Lambo4oe's mixtape, Crystal Soul ( Source : music )

However, other people are starting to use the song as a background for ranting about something or getting a difficult truth out of their minds. 

Though the African American youth is the main user of this song, it's a matter of time before it becomes more prominent in the mainstream, and everyone will start using it.

Though it is not the most popular song on the app, it has taken over in a short period. Only the future will tell what is in store for lambo4oe after this viral hit.

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