Is Grey Damon's Jack Gibson Leaving Station 19, Where Is He Going?

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Jack Gibson, leaving Station 19 rumors have worried sick the fans for the cast Grey Damon. 

An American action drama, Station 19, is all about the people working at Seattle Fire Station 19. With the final airing of season 5 of the TV series, the viewer has shown their concern for one of the favorite characters, Jack Gibson. 

A prominent actor, Grey Damon, was cast for the character of Jack in the spinoff of Grey's Anatomy. While the series season has come to a final, people have started showing more interest in the artists. 

Learn more about the actor and his recent updates here. 

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Is Grey Damon's Jack Gibson Leaving Station 19? 

No, Grey Damon's Jack Gibson leaving Station 19 is a rumor, as the actor has yet to announce any intention of departing the show. The doubt seems to have risen after he did not get mentioned in the synopsis of the episode. 

Also, the reason might be because it focuses on his ex-girlfriend, Maya and Carina, and Andy. Also, the actor doesn't appear to be leaving the series anytime soon. 

The season ended with the Jack leaving his position and Andy informing of the vacant Lieutenant post. The empty locker and the whole situation are inclined to his departure. 

However, this might not be the end of the character, and there is a hope we might see the actor in the next season. 

Meet With Grey Damon's Wife 

Grey Damon doesn't have a wife, but he is currently in a relationship with his girlfriend, Alice Greczyn, a renowned actress. The couple has been together for a long time and has supported each other careers. 

Moreover, they seem to be focusing on their career for now; and have not mentioned anything about their future plan for their love life. 

Check Out Grey Damon's Net Worth In 2022

Grey Damon's estimated net worth in 2022 might be over a million. He is a well-known actor who has been present in the entertainment world since 2009. 

The actor has played in several hit movies and dramas like Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters, The Possession of Hannah Grace, Station 19, Grey's Anatomy, and many more. 

Also, he lives a comfortable life with decent earnings from his acting career. 

No, Grey Damon is not related to Matt Damon. People have been confused for a while, as they share a similar last name. 

He doesn't appear to be going anywhere for now; and is still active in his acting career. 

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