Is General Manizo In Jail? Why Was The Bad Company Rapper Arrested In The First Place?

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General Manizo is currently in jail and under heavy custody on the charges of murdering a woman this March.

The South African singer and rapper is widely notorious for his skirmishes with the law aside from his musical ventures.

While his talent for music and dance is admirable, his brushes with the law are equally debatable, putting his fans into a dilemma most of the time.

Known for his famous songs, "Welcome Manizo," "Txa ma bad," "Ba Be Bae Kae," and "Some Danger," General Manizo is a big name in the South African music industry.

Moreover, he is the leader of the musical group "Bad Company," citing his name as General.

General Manizo Is In Jail And His Arrest Rumors Are True

General Manizo is confirmed to be in jail, according to his manager. Mahungu kusuka ka Management released an official statement and addressed the artist's arrest news.

Being ashamed and disappointed, the manager urged that he and the management team is only responsible for their artist's music career, not the actions outside their reach.

It is alleged that General Manizo had shot and killed a young woman at a tavern at Morutjie Village in front of patrons in early March this year. Since then, the artist had run away from the police.
Tzaneen Tracing Team (TTT) arrested the suspect from Mahlakaamosoma Village Bolobedu and recovered a firearm, a 9mm Norinco pistol believed to be the murder weapon.
Further investigation is still underway, and the suspect, General Manizo, is soon to appear in court.

Aside from him, his three female relatives have also been arrested for trying to hide the murder weapon, thus, defying justice.

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How Much Is General Manizo Net Worth?

General Manizo boosted his net worth from his successful music career, though, he has refrained from revealing the figures.

Aside from his music, he mainly earns from musical events and fairs where he performs alongside his Bad Company partners.

He has come afar from his struggle days; however, the legal troubles have slowed down his career and earning opportunities at the moment.

What Is General Manizo Real Name? His Wikipedia Info

General Manizo is his stage name, the one name which he mostly relates; hence, his real name is still under the wraps.

The "One Day is one day" rapper is proud of his stage name as it shows his influence and dominance on his team.

Therefore, he mainly prefers to be called General Manizo and has rarely talked about his birth name.

How Old Is General Manizo? His Age  

General Manizo's age falls around his 30s by scanning through his pictures. The mature man was born in the 80s in his home country, South Africa.

Born and raised in the same place all along, he has evolved as one of the influencing personalities in his community.

He gained wide success with his team Bad Company and their presence on YouTube. Bad Company is still performing in the absence of their 'General.'

Now that he has been arrested, the news has shaken the music industry and is reaching new every nook and corner.

General Manizo's fate is unknown, while he is still hoping to make a comeback to his musical platform as soon as possible.

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Follow General Manizo on Instagram

General Manizo is active on Instagram under the username @general.manizo, where he enjoys nearly 2k followers.

The Instagram handle is dedicated to his musical promotions and collaboration opportunities. Likewise, the rapper is a keen social media user; hence, he is also available on TikTok for the same reasons.

His TikTok videos have received nearly 5k likes, where he is seen dancing and singing at his best.

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