Is Emily Oster Arrested For Covid-19 Mask Mandates Case?

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 Emily Oster is rumored to be arrested for the covid-19 mandate case. What happened to the economist? 

Economist and author, Emily Oster has been reportedly arrested for the covid-19 mandate case as per the rumors on the internet. No official news has been out until now. 

Hence, her arrest is yet to be confirmed. She was around the covid-19 rules mandate case for a long time, speaking against the distribution of masks based on jobs. 

Is Emily Oster Arrested For Covid-19 Case?

Rumors say that Emily Oster has been arrested for covid-19 mask mandate case. 

However, we haven't received any confirmation on the news until now. She was a key figure during the covid-19 pandemic, she was the advocate for opening schools during the lockdown.

But there don't seem to be any arrests made against her until now. It might be just a rumor and we all know how social media rumors spread even though they are false. 

Emily Oster Husband And Children: Where Is She Now?

Emily Oster is happily married to Jesse Shapiro, who is also an economist. 

Moreover, they tied the marital knot in June 2006 and have been married ever since. The couple also shares two wonderful children with each other. 

Furthermore, Emily was born to Sharon Oster and Ray Fair. Both of her parents were professors at Yale University. Following in their footsteps, she is a professor at Brown University. 

Emily Oster And Covid-19 Pandemic School Analysis

Emily Oster was an advocate for opening schools during the pandemic. 

Moreover, her data analysis of schools and the spread of covid-19 is cited to be one of the most influential analyses of how schools operated during the pandemic. 

Besides, she is also a best-selling author who has written a total of 6 books. 

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