Is Elizabeth Holmes Autistic? Here are some health updates as well as some general background on her upbringing and existing condition.

Former biotechnology entrepreneur Elizabeth Holmes is once again in the spotlight with the release of HULU's The Dropout. The show is based on the factual events of Holmes's life. It also depicts the rise and fall of her self-made business.

Right now, many new discoveries about Elizabeth's case are being made, and many new theories about Elizabeth's mental state are emerging.  

Is Elizabeth Holmes Autistic? Update  

No official statement or reports confirm that Elizabeth Holmes is autistic. However, a Psychiatrist who has known Holmes since childhood recently made some shocking revelations.

The first and most obvious revelation is Holmes' tendency to lie. As we have already seen, the entrepreneur and her associates made up stories when they were unable to deliver.

The second point to mention is Holmes' obsession with Steve Jobs. Elizabeth dresses a lot like Steve, but it's unknown to many that she could go too far to emulate Jobs's impersonation.

The third factor was her comfort with hurling a broken blood test tube at the world, as well as her intention to use her company's product on youngsters.

Holme's Lack of Medical and Scientific Knowledge was the final one. It is well known that Holmes avoids discussing technology with which she is unfamiliar. She does, however, deflect the question by responding differently.

Elizabeth Holmes Indian Boyfriend Sunny Balwani 

During Sunny Balwani's tenure at Theranos, Elizabeth Holmes and her Indian-American ex-boyfriend Sunny Balwani had a romantic connection. 

When Elizabeth first met Balwani, who was 19 years her senior, she was only eighteen. The investors, on the other hand, were unaware of their relationship.

However, the relationship deteriorated after Holmes accused Balwani of raping and sexually assaulting him. She also claimed the guy was overbearing.

The case, however, did not go all the way to the end, and Sunny was not found guilty. He continues to deny the charges, claiming that they are false and provocative.

Elizabeth Holmes Net Worth Today 2022 

Elizabeth Holmes had a net worth of $4.5 billion at one point. However, she is expected to have less than a million dollars in 2022. 

Investors and people all across the world were outraged when the news of Holmes' deception got revealed.

Her business subsequently went into freefall, costing her billions of dollars. So much so that Forbes revised her net worth estimate to 0 in 2016.

You won't believe it if I tell you that Holmes was once named the world's youngest self-made billionaire, with a $9 billion firm.