Is Daniel Winn Leaving Kwwl, Where Is He Going To Work?

Daniel Winn has confirmed that he is indeed leaving the KWWL network after four years with the company.

The KWWL's morning news anchor has decided to bid goodbye to his colleagues and the network as of May 8.

After four years of bonding with the company, the news of him leaving the network has saddened many fans. His contagious smile had hooked the Iowa residents to the TV every morning.

However, the fans have not lost their hope as they believe that this step is just another step for Winn to broaden his horizon.

Daniel Winn Is Indeed Leaving KWWL 

Daniel Winn confirmed the rumors of him leaving KWWL on May 8 via a Facebook post.

He thanked his colleagues and higher-ups for his time at KWWL and called the decision to work with the network one of his best decisions.

Winn was based in Iowa for KWWL but will be leaving the state on May 11, his birthday. An anchor of "Today In Iowa," he has called his fellow staff his family, who had helped him settle well in the state.

The former KWWL news anchor went on duty on May 10 and will leave the state the next morning. 

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Where Is Daniel Winn Going To Work And Where Is He Now? 

Daniel Winn has confirmed that he will work with WGEM, a radio station in Quincy, Illinois. The former KWWL anchor will co-anchor the station's 5, 6, and 10 pm news.

Winn is currently at his new residence in Quincy and is on his way to start his new adventure. He mentioned that he is trading mornings for evenings through his Facebook post, hoping to be closer to his family.

The new radio anchor will be about an hour and a half from his family in St. Louis during his work. 

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Who Is Daniel Winn Wife?

Daniel Winn was married to his wife Carrie, looking back at his old photos on social media. 

However, the two's current marital status is not on public display. Winn is often seen alone, without a partner, being the best father for his daughter, Caroline.

KWWL mentions that the busy father looks after Caroline and his three Golden Retrievers. The father-daughter duo is often seen cycling on area trails when the weather is nice.

Daniel Winn Earns Amazing Salary As A Veteran Presenter

Daniel Winn receives satisfying salary paychecks from his employers, as a veteran presenter with more than ten years of experience in the media.

Likewise, Winn has also reached far and wide around the U.S. while catering to his work. While his actual income figures are not given, based on the average earnings of KWWL employees, his salary could be around $45,000 to $60,000 per year. 

Hence, being a media person while covering numerous networks and channels all his life, Winn earns handsomely to support himself and his family.

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