Is Andrew McCarthy Leaving "The Resident", Where Is He Going?

Andrew McCarthy might not be leaving "The Resident" any time now. His appearance in the series' last episode has raised the viewers' excitement.

An American actor Andrew McCarthy is also a well-known TV director and travel writer. He is an Emmy-Award-winning artist who has been active in the entertainment world for almost four decades. 

In his long acting career, the actor is mainly known for being the Brat Pack members of the 1980s role. However, he has recently come to the flash with his unexpected appearance in the hit series; "The Resident."

The viewers have enjoyed the actor in the series and are eagerly waiting to know what will happen next. 

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Is Andrew McCarthy Leaving "The Resident"? 

An American actor, Andrew McCarthy, got introduced in the last episode of the series. Also, looking at the end, the actor doesn't seem to be taking his leave now. 

Moreover, the show seems to have more things for the actor and his character, with more twists and turns. He has portrayed the character of Dr. Ian Sullivan, the father of Dr. Kincaid "Cade" Sullivan. 

In the last episode of the series, the actor made his appearance to donate his blood to her. However, he seems to have a complicated bonding with his family. 

What else? Dr. Ian seems to be in the town for more than saving his daughter. Taking that into account, the actor might not be taking his leave soon if the series got renewed for its sixth season. 

Meet With Andrew McCarthy's Wife 

Andre McCarthy is married to his second wife, Dolores Rice. The couple tied a knot with each other; in 2011 and has been living together since. 

He was previously married to his ex-wife, Carol Schneider, but divorced in 2005. She was the college sweetheart of the actor and had a history of 20 years of dating. 

Andrew's current wife, Dolores, is an Irish writer and director. The actor shares two kids, Rowan and Willow, with his current wife, & one child, Sam, with his ex-wife. 

What Is Andrew McCarthy's Net Worth In 2022?

In 2022, Andrew McCarthy expected net worth is approximately around $12 million. He is a renowned actor with almost four decades of career in the entertainment sector. 

However, he previously sold his Bedford Street townhouse, 161 years old, for $3.25 million. The actor seems to be making decent earnings throughout his acting career. 

What Happened To Andrew McCarthy?  

Andrew McCarthy is living his best life at 59-years of age. Although his staying out of light before has worried the actor's fans. 

He seems to be doing fine and continuing with his acting career and has appeared in a few shows.  

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