Is Abi Pregnant In Corrie? Her one-night stand with Imran has been played well on the series making fans wonder if they are going to be parents soon. Let’s find out.

Abi Webster is a fictional character played by actress Sally Carman in the soap opera Corrie.

Corrie aka Coronation Street is a long-running UK soap opera featuring several talented actors, one of them being Sally Carman aka Abi.

Abi first appeared on the soap opera in the October episode of 2017 and since then she has been a major character of the show.

Viewers are highly invested in her journey and the arc she has to date with several twists and turns following up on her life. Her pregnancy is something viewers are highly interested in so let’s get straight to the point.

Is Abi Pregnant In Corrie?

Abi is not pregnant in Corrie.

Her one-night stand with Imran Habeeb following the outcome of Seb’s murder trial on one of the longest UK soap operas Coronation Street had both characters suspect about the pregnancy.

Abi, who was not actively involved with her husband Kevin Webster sexually met with Imran following their nightstand and informed that he could be the father if she is carrying a baby.

Abi was 99% sure that she was pregnant and told Imran it was his child she could be carrying. She had not done a pregnancy test by this time.

However, later on in the show she went to Imran’s place and told him everything is alright and there is nothing to worry about.

This statement of Abi reveals that she is not carrying Imran’s child although she hasn’t stated that she is not pregnant.

Abi And Imran Baby Rumor

Abi and Imran having a baby are the rumors circulated after they went on to spend a lovely night together.

Afterward, they met with similar questions in their mind. Is Abi getting pregnant after the intimate night?

Abi, the mother of late Sebastian Franklin cheated on her husband Kevin with Imran and so did Imran. He is a loving husband of his wife Toyah.

Abi cleared the rumors of being pregnant with Imran’s baby when she buzzed and entered Imran and Toyah’s territory, revealing to the man that there is nothing to worry about and everything is alright.

Furthermore, she relieved Imran stating that they could move forward.

Sally Carmen Pregnancy News

Sally Carmen, the actress who portrayed the role of Abi in Corrie is not pregnant in real life.

She is engaged with Joe Duttine. Carman does not have any children.