I Woke Up In A New Bugatti Meme is a TikTok audio consisting of a distorted version of the chorus for Ace Hood song 'Bugatti'.

The audio was introduced into the platform in late June 2022.

TikTok has become a destination for mobile video creators who wants to showcase their talent with short yet, spontaneous, exciting videos. Getting your content viral on social media platforms takes a few minutes.

A new trend on the video platform is the audio clip of Hustle Hard singer's highest-charting single from 2013.

Who Sings I Woke Up In A New Bugatti

 I Woke Up In A New Bugatti meme lyrics are written by an American rapper Ace Hood. The song is one of the most successful singles of the artist.

Hood's single was released on January 29, 2013. It has amassed over 300 million views on the official YouTube channel of the hip-hop artist. The song features other American rappers, Future and Rick Ross.

Ace shared his snapshots on IG promoting his new single
Source : instagram

After the chorus of the song went viral on TikTok, people started googling the artist behind the trending audio. Antoine Franklin McColister, best known by his stage name, is from Port St. Lucie, Florida.

The 34-year-old artist was a football player during his year at Deerfield Beach High School. After he was injured while playing, he decided to change his career to a rapper. He started promoting himself in talent shows and open mics.

Some of his albums are Gutta (2008), Ruthless(2009), Blood, Sweat & Tears (2011), and Mr. Hood (2020).

I Woke Up In A New Bugatti Meaning

I Woke Up In A New Bugatti TikTok trend recites an entirely different meaning than the one the artist tries to explain in his song.

The viral audio tune is the chorus of Ace Hood's 2013 song.

So what is the meaning behind the chorus? Does Ace own the automobile?

Ace doesn't have the car he mentioned in his song. For him, the chorus line meant waking up with success. In an interview, he admits he doesn't have that particular modal of the car.

The vehicle Hood mentioned in his song is a high-performance automobile famous for its design and beauty.  The hip-hop artist said, " The record just came together one day when I was working in the studio."

He believes being in the music industry; artists can be down for a day and wake up with success the subsequent day. That is what the viral phrase meant to him.

His motive behind the lyrics was to motivate people to understand they could do what they wanted. That's the message he wanted to send out in the song.

Video Edit of The Viral Trend ( Source : youtube )

But the video platform users used the chorus as a meme with their meaning behind it. Some people used their hilarious skill to express owning an automobile is out of the league for them. They use other vehicles to make the reels comically.

On the other hand, people enjoyed the quick leg pullout trend with the song. Some used clips from the 2010 animated movie Despicable Me to make their content with viral audio.

Trending Challenge

Zoom challenge on the viral audio of Ace Hood was massive. The challenge is a series of parody videos where people or pets are quickly pulled out of the frame.

Kids, as well as grown-ups, are going with the trend. In the original, people try the pull-out with Lil Yachty's Mickey as the background song.

The trend of being pulled by their legs out of the frame and zooming off camera took a hipe after young content creators remade the reel with Hood's number from 2013, featuring Future and Rick Ross.



Kelli Trying The Viral Trend ( Source : tiktok )

The video following the trend but with a different background song went viral. Over 3.5 million people loved the reel of content creator under the user id @hiiamnylah. The user has 30.8K followers on the platform.

Many video-sharing app users enjoyed the new challenge. The comment section was flooded with their hilarious reaction. One of the users wrote, " I feel like she slammed her head, " while another wrote, " HELP THIS IS SO FUNNY."

After that, people came up with their ideas to recreate the content. One content creator used the audio track and created content showing a school employee driving around the halls in a cleaning vehicle. He treats the vehicle as the car mentioned in the song.

The most liked and viewed videos on the trend with their username is mentioned below:

1. User @notethanjancoms With 10.7 Million Likes

The trend skyrocketed when young video-sharing app user used their creativity to use viral audio clip. Ethan made a reel on March 23 with a yellow mic-like-thing as he spoke, "What's one of these things, hello?" And the audio clips start. 

One of his followers commented, " I was scared was coming out of them." Another user added, " We play this song in training for basketball.

2. User @ pip.the.labrador With 12.6 Million Views

Another user posted a reel on April 6. She recorded her child walking by the side of the beach and a dog suddenly dragging the child out of the frame. 

3. User @fvbeha With 8.7 Million Views

@hiiamnylah I WOKE UP IN A NRW BUGATTI RAHH #fyp #zoom #newbugatti ♬ I WOKE UP IN A NEW BUGATTI - dielit
Zoom Challenge in Ace's Viral Chorus ( Source : tiktok )

A TikTok user named Fabeha tried something new with the trend. She activated a spinning gadget and made her pet hamsters run on it. Her followers commented on how cute they looked. 

One of the comments read "They be running for their lives." Another added, "Oh Priest I discovered a new alternative energy."