What Is I Wanna Take A Pic With Cardi B Inside My Cardigan Lyrics? TikTok Song Goes Viral Over The Web

I wanna take a pic with Cardi B inside my Cardigan lyrics on TikTok is currently taking over the internet. People are going crazy over the trend. 

TikTok has come up with a new trend and song, "I Wanna Take A Pic With Cardi B Inside My Cardigan". #iwannatakeapicwithcardib has received 6.5 million views on the site to date.

Scroll down to learn more about the song, its meaning, and its lyrics.

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TikTok: I Wanna Take A Pic With Cardi B Inside My Cardigan Lyrics

I wanna take a pic with Cardi B inside my Cardigan lyrics went viral on TikTok. The song is used by over 22.6k users on TikTok. 

According to Lyricsdb, the song's original lyrics are as follows:

"I wanna take a pic with Cardi B inside my cardigan
Niggas know I'm late, they call me Shordie, Mr. Tardy Man
I just smoke my weed and fuck these hoes, I'm not no party man

Hit the plug and check the gas and take off in that Harley, man"

@.addictivelyricss Song: rocking a cardigan in Atlanta by: Lil shordie Scott #rockingacardiganinatlanta #lilshordiescott #addictivelyrics #fyp #foryoupage #viral #blowup? #trending ♬ original sound - Addictive lyrics🤍

The song is originally one minute and 37 seconds long and sung by Lil Shordie Scott. The song's title is "Rocking A Cardigan in Atlanta."

Lil Shordie Scott is a well-known TikTok and rap performer. The artist became famous on the social media platform TikTok after this song went viral among the fans. 

Addictivelyrics uploaded the video with its lyrics on March 7, 2022. She hasn't even hoped that the song will blow TikTok. It has gained 1.9million likes on TikTok.

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TikTok: I Wanna Take A Pic With Cardi B Inside My Cardigan Song And Trend Goes Viral

TikTok song, I wanna take a pic with Cardi B inside my cardigan has gone viral. It has sparked a new social media craze.

As of now, the most popular trend among netizens is to write a spooky tale that corresponds to the beginning music of the song. 

@08h8m oh shit..#imaginestories #imagine #fyp #pov #foryou #imagination ♬ original sound - Addictive lyrics🤍

08h8m posted one of the creepiest stories. You were hugging and watching the program with your daughter, the person stated. What happened to Dady, she inquired. She's never questioned you before.

He's constantly on the go, baby. He's stated he'll be home tonight, mama, she said and the front door opens. "I'm back from work, my darling," said a deep voice that should have been six feet beneath.

Similarly, there are a number of intriguing stories that individuals have created and put alongside the music.

You can search for the trend on TikTok and make your own version of videos. It is not required that the story is of this sort.

However, it might be anything that attracts users. And the most interesting and distinctive aspect is the one to go viral.

What Is A TikTok song, I Wanna Take A Pic With Cardi B Inside My Cardigan? Meaning

A TikTok song, I wanna take a pic with Cardi B inside my cardigan is about the singer's interest or desire. The actor in the song is high on cannabis, and the words of the song describe his desire.

You can listen to the entire song to have a better understanding of its meaning and objective.

The song is available on Youtube, under the channel of Lil Shordie Scott. The song was uploaded two months earlier by the singer.

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