Human Swan Sacha Dench Accident Killed Fellow Researcher Dan Burton: Is She Okay?

Sacha Dench, a conservationist, is launching a new excursion to track the 6,000-mile migration pathway of ospreys from Scotland to West Africa, less than a year after a fatal mid-air collision that left her seriously injured and a colleague killed.

Sacha Dench dubbed the "human swan," and Dan Burton, a member of her support crew, were involved in a paramotor accident in Scotland's western Highlands on Saturday.

Burton died at the scene, and Dench was treated for serious but non-life-threatening injuries at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary.

Human Swan Sacha Dench Accident- Did She Met An Accident? 

Sacha Dench, dubbed "the Swan Lady" for her work tracking the migration patterns of birds, is now investigating the challenges that ospreys face.

She and fellow researcher Dan Burton were engaged in a mid-air accident over the western Highlands of Scotland while attempting to circumnavigate Britain in a para-motor as part of a project raising awareness of the climate crisis.

In September of last year, the pair's paramotors collided in the northwest Highlands, killing cameraman Dan Burton.

Dan died as a result of his injuries, while Sacha has been recovering for the past nine months.

In August, she will travel 10,000 kilometers through 14 countries from Scotland to Ghana.

After the original trip in 2020 was canceled due to Covid, the goal will be to collect data and highlight the effects of climate change and human activities on birds of prey and other wildlife.

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What Happened To Sacha Dench? Is She Okay? 

Sacha Dench is currently preparing for her latest venture. Following the migration of ospreys, which eat fish, across Europe and Africa.

Sacha earned the nickname "Swan Lady" or "Human Swan" after following the annual migration of Bewick swans from the Arctic tundra to the UK.

She's eager to get started. Sacha's leg injury means she won't be able to fly in a paramotor this time, but she may be able to scuba dive, as part of the study involves the waters where osprey migrates and catch fish.

Her friend Dan, she claims, would have loved the project. Her work as a biologist was primarily concerned with marine turtles, and she managed to win the Australian free diving championship while diving for her job.

Dench announced in June 2021 that she would travel 3,000 miles (4,800 km) using a battery-powered adapted paramotor to commemorate the COP26 UN climate conference.

The journey was scheduled to begin near Glasgow on June 21 and last approximately six weeks. Dench flew above Cumbria before heading to the coast of Wales in July, with the help of actress Joanna Lumley, among others.

Sacha Dench Family & Age 

Sacha Dench was born to, Steve and Ursula Dench. Her family is very supportive of her. 

Her family said she was "brave" and paid tribute to her support paramotorist who died in the accident after she was seriously injured while trying a world-first paramotor circumnavigation of mainland Britain.

Sacha's age is estimated to be around 30 to 35 years old. However, her accurate age details are unknown. 

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